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  • Charles-P

    I think we have all been moved by the way Mr Michael and his wife have dealt with the events of the recent weeks. Mr Michael was of course a popular, informed and experienced business traveler who wrote a number of pieces that I and others found helpful. It occurred to me over the weekend that we here, the BT community could do more to remember him and perhaps assist a young up and coming journalist with their career.

    My suggestions is an annual prize, in his name for a business travel based article to be written by a young journalist (say under 25) the winner to be published in Business Traveller. We the community could choose a working group to review the entries and decide on the winner.

    I appreciate that I am assuming both his family and the staff at BT will agree but if they do I am happy to start the ball rolling by making a contribution of GBP250 to the prize fund.


    I think that’s a lovely idea and although I had very little interaction with the late Mr. Michael, it was clear from reading his postings that he was a true gentleman and someone who commanded, rather than demanded, respect. I was particularly moved by his ‘farewell’ and I feel it would be appropriate for his memory to live on.

    As an ex-travelwriter (just something I did as an aside from my ‘dayjob) I would be more than happy to be on the panel, and I too will pledge a donation to the prize fund.

    Thank you for the suggestion.


    @capetonianm – I am hoping we have others here with journalism experience who will do the same. I am aware of how difficult it is for young journalists to get a start with much of the media being “free” these days.


    Top idea.


    Absolutely. Also happy to offer my services on the panel, and to donate to the prize fund.


    Yep, gets my support.


    Count me in too.


    Always enjoyed his reviews, so more than happy to support with a donation to the fund.


    I think this is a wonderful way for MrMichael to be remembered and I too would be happy to make a contribution to the prize fund.

    However – whilst I think BT may like the idea of supporting an up and coming journalist, I do not think it would work in the long term for Forum members to financially support the prize & be party to how the prize is awarded.

    Until BT comment on this idea, we will not know.

    Regardless of what BT say on this wonderful idea, I would be delighted to contribute to a fund to mark MrMichael’s passing and to maintain his memory on the Forum and within BT.


    Count me in too ….


    My apologies, but clearly I have missed something. What has happened to Mr Michael?


    I’ve been thinking on this and while it’s a great idea and I’d also be happy to contribute, I can see Martyn’s point of view about the sustainability of this long term and it may commit BT to something they would not wish to take responsibility for – perhaps emphasized by their lack of comment.

    The other thing is we don’t know who MrMichael was. We know his wife and daughters name but that is all and maybe thye wish to stay anonymous which i could understand.

    I’ve another suggestion to make. In MrMichael’s situation there are usually other people or institutions involved, nurses, doctors, palliative care etc. Maybe a one off contribution could be made for a bench or something needed in the hospital where he was treated, along with a plaque along the lines of “donated in memory of MrMichael (or his real name if Sue agrees) by members of the Business Traveller Forum”.

    I’d also be happy to match Charles’s contribution of £250 and perhaps if we knew what others might give we could have an indication of how much we could contribute and the recipient would know the sort of budget they have for what they need. I also understand that some may wish to contribute but be unwilling to state the amount publicly so perhaps they could indicate to someone at BT so we have a proper figure.

    We should ask Sue what she thinks of this and go from there, though we should leave the family alone for a couple of weeks while they grieve and arrange his funeral etc.


    Thank you Yellowbelly – very sad

    Mark Caswell

    Hi all – just to say Tom is currently travelling. I’m sure he will respond when he is next able to.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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