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  • AnthonyDunn

    Mmm, passing through the T5B gates lounge first thing on Saturday morning and the place was an absolute oasis of tranquility, calm and complete tidiness. It was the first time I’d been there and very agreeable it is too.

    BTW, on the way back (a day trip to the Weinachtsmarkt in Basel…), we tried out the lounge at the Europort. No such thing as a lounge dragon; the guy at the entry was very keen on as many customers as possible adding to the takings. There must be few lounges in the world where you can step outside (nominally for the smoking fraternity) and breath in that fresh smell of kerosene whilst surveying the apron below. It reminded me of decades ago wondering along the top of the piers at LGW – in those innocent days before terrorism comprehensively shut off airside. Beyond that, a limited range of salad, samosas, nibbles and drinks. In terms of the catering and libations, T5B (and T5A Sth and LGW Galleries) win hands down but an excellent lounge never-the-less.



    AntonyDunn – I agree the T5B lounge always seems to be ok for seating, cleanliness, etc.

    On Saturday I used the BA Galleries lounge in T3 for the first time. I believe this is better than the T5 lounges as it is newer and offers the same product. Only negative was the very small number of toilets for the size of the lounge. However they were clean and there were attendants there trying to clean them when the queues faded.
    Even had copies of The Telegraph which an improvement over the Sun and Mirror.


    I used Galleries North on Sunday. Almost standing room only in the morning. 2 drink stations had no glasses and breakfast consisted of some pastries and a cereal bar. All a bit naff. Used the F lounge in the afternoon, plenty of room but the food on offer was more akin to butlins buffet in its quality. I would have killed for a little chef all day breakfast!


    I am only getting used to T3 Galleries now that my shorthaul flights have moved there. As far as I know, YellowBelly, there are only 2 toilets for the men. On my last visit, the previous occupant had obviously had a sneaky puff. There were two waiting when I came out.

    ‘Wasn’t me’

    Not quite sure if they believed me but at least I gave them a good laugh.

    And I have always found T3 to be a much more agreeable experience than T5…..but agree about the T5B lounge.


    YellowBelly – I *think* if you get to T5 very early, they do have sensible newspapers there as well as the comics. I’ve certainly had a Times within the last month or so. It’s just clearly people actually take them to read, so within a few hours, you might find a dog eared copy that’s been passed round a few times lying somewhere – but clearly no-one in their right mind is going to read the Mirror, so it gets left there.

    I agree, I do like T3 lounges, although F is noticeably busier now there are more BA long haul flights in T3. Even had an edible meal there Saturday before last, which hasn’t been the case in T5 F for years.


    Completely agree about the T3 lounge.

    I wasn’t looking forward to my business-class flight to MIA a few weeks ago, as it now flies from T3. Arrived at the BA First Class lounge and there can’t have been more than 10 people in there. So quiet. No-one by the champagne bar at all.

    Looked modern, clean and well-maintained.

    Guys, let’s face it, anything is better than the Gatwick BA lounges, which will close 4 Jan! I was in the First Class Gatwick lounge the other day and it closed at 3pm! Hardly any food, champagne ran out and, from 4 Jan, we’ll all be sharing the No 1 lounge downstairs.

    BA claim their new Gatwick lounges won’t open (in South Terminal) until February 2017!


    I travel a lot in Eastern Europe, and, for the most part, the lounges there are outstanding. Two I would single out for special praise are the ones at Moscow Vnukovo and Kyiv Boryspil. I use Priority Pass, not an airline tier benefit, to gain access. I’ve not used the BA lounges at LHR, as I tend to avoid the place like the plague; but from what I’m reading here, I shouldn’t be in a hurry to.


    Went through the First lounge at T5 twice last week and all was well, both at fairly busy times.

    I do find it annoying that there is no bread during breakfast times other than small rolls


    I’ve not been to Boryspil (or indeed Moscow, but Domodedovo) in 5 years, but my recollection of the lounges there was that they really were nothing special. Few seats, yesterday’s Daily Mail, diet coke and a yoghurt are my memories of KBP, and some peanuts in addition in DME.

    T5 First was quite good on Sunday afternoon I thought, the food was edible, place even looked fairly clean. Desserts deleted from the post midday menu I see.


    Just been in the very crowded alternative BA facility at Gatwick – the 1st Lounge. Not bad but really miss the old scruffy First Lounge there!!


    TominScotland – 15/01/2016 21:19 GMT

    The No1 Lounge is not a BA facility, it is a contract lounge that admits certain BA passemgers.


    In the T5 First lounge yesterday morning I had a quick look at the wines on offer. There was a rather good looking 2012 Mersault, and I made a mental note to enjoy a glass on my return.

    Tonight, there are a couple of rather mediocre whites; a Pinot Grigio and a Sauvignon Blanc.

    I went to ask if they had any of the Mersault lying around, and was told, somewhat sheepishly, that the wines are delivered daily and they don’t know what they will have until it arrives. Ho hum.


    Currently sat in the T5 F lounge for the third time this week and I really would like to congratulate Emmanuelle P and her team from BS. She arranged something really special for a colleague on Monday (I promised not to say what it was) and the current food offering is excellent.

    I especially like the salmon in dill sauce.

    Thank you


    I used Galleries South in Terminal 5A yesterday morning. It was a decent experience. The usual good selection of newspapers and a much better selection of magazines than on previous recent visits. I was very quickly brought a glass of champagne on request. Staff seemed (in the large part) to be working hard to clear tables. The food is fairly basic in my opinion but was been continually restocked. The new furniture looks good. Wifi was fast.

    My only criticism was the toilets – a long queue at one point (as is often the case) and looking quite shabby.

Viewing 15 posts - 781 through 795 (of 803 total)
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