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    I am trying to renew a 3 mobile phone contract + 1 data line with T Mobile Business 1 plan and am shocked at the brazen way I am being told about the prices increases. This year is also the first year in about 10 that I am being asked to contribute to the cost of the phones, this depsite, what I consider (as do T Mobile) high monthly invoices charges.

    Does any know of a “mobile phone broker” service who knows the entire market offerings and can offer a solution (and I dont mind paying a fee if it will save me money).

    One of my key requirements is unlimited data packages for overseas data roaming which Blackberry offer under their OS 7, but not OS 10, for £15.00 per month. T Mobile do have an unlimited plan, but at £300.00 per month.

    I know Phones4U used to offer this service, EXCEPT, they would not consider as part of their research the existing service provider as they would not recieve commission from them.

    I remain a Blackberry user (please no smart comments from you Apple geeks).

    Many thanks


    Hi Martyn

    We have recently had a similar problem with O2 when moving to Blackberry X10s, they point blank refused to make a small change to how data is handled that is needed on the X10 and told us that we had to have new contracts which were significantly more money for less service.

    Being more than a tad stubborn I told them where to go and looked around, Vodaphone offered something we wanted for less than O2 were quoting but then we were advised to look at 3.

    I was very dubious on the basis of things I had heard but then thought why not ask questions anyway. In short, we got a great deal with guarantees about coverage and are now paying less than we were paying O2. So I’m glad they were difficult otherwise we would be paying them more than we needed to.

    So far, eight weeks in, 3 has been faultless.


    Thanks HT – spoke to ‘3’, salesman said he couldnt compete with the T Mobile package using Blackberry OS 7.

    I keep asking my 16 year how all his school mates have the latest phones and use them continuously both in the UK and overseas… and he just looks inanely and wonders what I am going on about.

    The cost of mobile usage, especially dats appears to have shot up recently.


    Do you guys use Business or Personal phone contracts?



    + calls to Europe and US included in package
    + 24 hour swop out telephone in the event of a problem
    + unlimited data plan
    + overseas bundled data plan £15 pm, unlimited
    + UK sim for computer unlimited £10 pm
    + all for £15 a line
    + 12 month contract

    This renewal, we need to pay £50 for each new blackberry, first time in 7 years or so..


    Thats not a bad deal. You should be assigned an account manager. Phone him/her directly and say you want to disconnect (even if you dont) and they will neg a new deal.

    Not sure why you want a blackberry. Those are so 2011.


    Becky, I am just off to LA in an hour or so, I really cant be bothered to play the games with T Mobile – especially now the tariff has got your endorsement 🙂

    I use the bold cos I know which buttons to press and dont need my 16 year old, telling me Daaaaaaaaaaaaaad dont do that! – if I had something more modern….

    In summary, I use a bold cos it works…. for me!!


    You can still get that phone for free. When you have had account with T-Mobile for that long they give a status and you probably have some kind of status. Seriously give them a call when you get back you will be surprised.


    problem is their new upgrade system checks my & my firms status on the line rental not the total monthly bill …. or thats what they say….


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    You should be call your service provider. Phone him/her directly and say you want to disconnect . I think it will be helpful.


    Martyn – great timing discussion as I am travelling more than ever and getting completly stung on roaming and data prices. Most of my travel is to UAE and South Africa. I currently have an O2 personal contract rather than business tarrif (im self employed so its all the same frankly). Im Iphone though and didnt really want to go to Blackberry unless absolutely necessary. Im a real technophobe and having the same phone as my wife enables us to share chargers plus she can coach me on what Im doing wrong! I guess I just need to sit down with O2 / carphone warehouse and see whats best….when I get time, which i never have as Im living on a plane at the moment!


    waiting for confirmations but I am of the belief that:

    Blackberry 3G + business one tariff + the £15 worldwide bolt on per month – can not be beaten for data roaming by any UK operator…. on T Mobile…

    Currently in the States and travelling with iPHONE users who keep on scurrying around looking for free wifi – me, no such problems.

    If you speak to T Mobile / or check the web site to see which countries are covered by their 3G roaming world wide bolt on package.

    Once T Mobile do confirm this with me, I will post further about roaming…

    4G is not cheap anywhere….. roaming..

    The only other tip is to go into a LOCAL phone shop where you travel to and see if you can buy a PAYG data sim for 28 days…


    Hi Martyn,

    I just had a review of my contract (with Orange). They have now introduced continent-based or country-based packaged that are only triggered when you use your phone in that place. Previously, I had a worldwide data package which was charged monthly, whether or not I used it.

    They have also reviewed my talk packages, including international bundles.

    The result is that my monthly fixed costs for a package of 2 mobiles and 3 iPads has reduced from over GBP 400 a month to less than GBP 200.



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