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    Last week I had a flexible easyJet reservation from Belfast to CDG. I literally decided to fly on that particular day (Tuesday) 4 hours before departure. I had access to a printer but of course it wasn’t working so I downloaded my BP for the first time. I have to say it worked a treat at check in, security and boarding…without connecting to the Internet.

    I was just wondering if other posters are in the habit of using this method?


    I’ve only flown Easyjet once (my better half forced me) and we used the mobile boarding pass, I agree it worked a great. I’ve been using BA’s version including the iPhone Passbook function since it started. That works really well too until you hit a terminal that doesn’t have the technology, like TFS, then you’re screwed. Or you face the gate agent who feels compelled to mutter about “new fangled technology and why do they have to keep changing things” 😉


    I have the app on my iPad. I downloaded my boarding card for a flight out of LGW last week. Their machines can’t read IPads…only small devices. The reader cannot accommodate the larger iPad. Perfectly reasonable as so few people use iPads!!!


    I use it 99% of the time as it just means less to carry about when heading through security etc. Although since dropping my phone prior to waiting at the gate in Geneva and smashing my screen I would recommend to have a backup!
    I ended up getting a shifty looking print out form a dot matrix printer from the gate staff which rather interestingly included a lot more information on me than the boarding pass did.


    Openfly, I’ve used my iPad before (and a full sized one too) from T5. You feel a bit of a dork handing it over and the agent was turning it round and round to get it to register but it worked. Also at Aberdeen when my phone had died.


    I once had a printer that ran out of ink.

    Went to mobile boarding passed on iPOD – suberb, no more checking pockets for paper…… just keep on looking for iPOD.

    If only I could have a mobile passport too…..


    I regularly save emailed boarding cards as pdfs in ibooks on my iPad as backup and have recently started using them instead of paper. Works most of the time. On occasion the bar code reader has failed to pick it up directly from the iPad and I have had to produce either the mobile or the paper boarding pass. Otherwise it has always worked like a breeze, particularly when a security official wants to check whether I am a passenger prior to entering an airport.


    I use the electronic version on an iphone using the PassBook app.

    Works fine on both BA and SWISS and DELTA websites. {assume other carriers work also]

    I check in electronically, get the boarding pass send to the iphone [Think I need a web connection to do this, so I do it at home or in a hotel]

    Then I save the received boarding card in the “passbooks” application and then I no longed need a WI FI connection to retrieve the boarding card.

    After the flight, I delete the boarding card from passbooks.

    Works like a teat!


    SwissExPat – 01/05/2014 14:19 GMT
    Agree. Passbook is great.


    I use apps from Qatar, Swiss, Lufthansa and BA on my Blackberry. They are all good but I think only Lufthansa have the ability to deliver a boarding pass to any smart phone regardless of having an app – it just opens in the browser which I think is clever.

    If I’m on a day trip I often print out the boarding pass for the return flight just in case it’s a heavy use day and the phone dies on me at a critical moment. It seems easier than carrying the charger around.


    Yes – Passbook apps on my iPhone every time. In fact I hate it when you get to baggage drop and they scan your phone and then hand you a paper copy of your boarding card. Why are they still doing that?


    I use it quite often on Swiss and it works 9 times out if 10. I’m a belts and braces man so always take the printed copy as well just in case!


    MartynSinclair – 01/05/2014 09:05 GMT : If only I could have a mobile passport too…..

    It has been done before – but I wouldn’t rely on it!


    MartynSinclair – 01/05/2014 09:05 GMT, Ian_from_HKG – 01/05/2014 16:41 GMT, this takes me years back to the days of Swiss Air and Qualiflyer. I had received a letter from them that they were going to trial a Qualiflyer smart card with an RfiD chip. My profile would contain electronically stored details of my ticket, boarding pass and passport. This would then be read via the RfiD at check in, security / passport control and boarding gate allowing me to just walk through without even having to take the Qualiflyer card out of my wallet. I am talking about those years gone by when even scanners and bar codes were not commonplace. They were going to try it out at Zurich but looks like the programme never became a reality. Then with increased hijackings and finally 9/11, I don’t think it was given serious thought again. I used to sometimes imagine how nice it would have been to just walk through to the plane like that. With all the cloak and dagger security these days and the advances in technology, I had actually forgotten about this programme until today. I wonder if anyone else who was a Qualiflyer member remembers receiving such a letter.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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