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  • LuganoPirate

    My son recently flew George-JNB-FRA-MXP on a through ticket (SAA to JNB and then Lufthansa)and checked in 2 bags. His golf bag did not make it and a day alter it was found and delivered. I’m curious what happened to it and this tag was attached to it.

    My thought is that SAA loaded it accidentally onto their Munich flight and it then went to Dublin before coming back to Milan but can anyone read from the photo the actual route it took?

    I will follow up later with a few points on this which I found extremely annoying since it was me that had to deal with it and some interesting info I discovered.




    The tag is a container tag, not a bag tag.

    It belongs to one of these (it appears to have been tagged as containing about 600kg of hazardous goods)


    Why it was attached to your sons golf bag is beyond my comprehension 🙂


    FDOS_UK Golf is an extremely hazardous sport. Bunkers Lakes My Wild Slices off the Tee ……. Therefore it is probably correct to refer to items relating to this sport as hazardous goods!!!!


    FORE warned is FORE armed!


    Well I would have been really teed off!


    Thanks FDOS. I noticed the weight yesterday and I now assume it was accidentally loaded onto the SAA flight to MUC, then put in the container to DUB. When we got the case it was all fine and still plastic wrapped for security. Only when he opened it his jacket and shoes were all wet so don’t know what they did to it?

    As to the others, fully agree about the sport being hazardous – especially to my wallet! He seems to need new clubs, lessons etc on a regular basis not to mention green fees and the 19th hole.

    My biggest fear is he gets a hole in one on a Wednesday* afternoon while playing in South Africa. The bar bill will likely bankrupt me!

    * Never fall ill, have toothache or need a lawyer on a Wednesday afternoon in South Africa. All the doctors, dentists and lawyers will be on the golf course. Mind you, if you’re going to have a heart attack, then have it on a Wednesday afternoon on the golf course. You’ll be in excellent hands!!


    Airlines often re-route bags in the right direction if it missed original loading, they’re called RUSH bags ‘though probably joking, and appear to be connected close to the PAX routing.
    In consolation three schoolfriends in the pub calculated that despite very frequent travel over 50 years (i.e.150 years in total) we had never lost a bag ‘though had two delayed. Not too bad!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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