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    I am new here so apologies if this question has been asked before or if it is not relevant to this forum.

    I currently have my frequent flyers with Miles and More. This lasts two years and is due to expire in February 2020. The website is not very clear in terms of what is required for re-qualification and I am getting told different things. Does anyone know what I need to do? Is it a case of achieving over 30 flights on either of the two years, or do you only re-qualify by doing 30+ flights in the final year?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated as the M&M customer service leaves a lot to be desired…




    I am not and expert with M&M but you might be able to ask a question to an expert at


    Or do a search on Head for Points.


    The easiest way to keep your miles is Annual fee is 79 GBP. Otherwise you need min. Frequent Traveler status. I am using the miles and more credit card in Germany for years and never had problems to keep my miles. In Germany is a minimum spend on the card to secure your miles but this target is easy to reach.


    I have been a member of M&M for more than 16 years, with ‘Senator’ (Gold) status, and can offer the following info:
    I wasn’t able to ascertain whether you had gained Frequent Flyer status with Miles & More, but I am assuming you did, but had then allowed this to lapse, and are hence concerned about the validity period of remaining miles.
    Things may have changed recently when LH introduced the sector component for M&M requalification, but if based on miles travelled, it used to be (and still is) that to gain LH ‘Frequent Flyer’ status one needed to collect 35,000 miles on the M&M programme from LH group or any Star Alliance carrier within a 12-month period.
    Once achieved, FF status (Silver) was valid for 2 years from date of qualification (the end of the particular month in which status was achieved).
    If a member requalifies with Frequent Flyer status or higher every 2 years, prior to status expiry, then the miles accrued had indefinite validity, no expiry date.
    If a member failed to requalify in the second year of the 2-year validity period, then the miles would remain valid for 3 years from the date of loss of the tier (Silver) level Frequent Flyer status.
    I know this for a fact because my daughter had exactly this experience when she qualified at silver tier level to become a LH Frequent Flyer back in 2013, retained that status for 2 years, and did not requalify in 2015. Her accrued miles were valid until the anniversary date in 2018, and to avoid loss of the miles, we booked award flights before the anniversary date in 2018 was up, for travel during the following 11 months or so. Hence in theory, the miles accrued could have been used up to 3 years and 11 months or so after the date of loss of FF status.
    Under the simple membership status (Member), miles expire 3 years after the date of accrual.
    I’m not sure what happens in the case where someone requalifies in the 3rd year after lapse of status, whether the miles in the account would then be prevented from expiring at the end of that 3rd year. That question would need to be asked of the LH membership support, with a direct email. From my experience, they do not reply promptly, but when they do, they provide a comprehensive response.


    Further information to my previous response:
    Requalification with 35,000 miles accrued for ‘Status’ accrual can be made in either 12-month anniversary period – the 1st or 2nd year of the qualified status period.
    In your present circumstances you would need to collect 35,000 status miles in the current year to end February 2020. You will then requalify for 2 years from then, and any miles in the account would not expire until 3 years after the anniversary date in February 2022, should you then fail to requalify.
    If based on no. of sectors flown, I think you will need to have flown 30 sectors in the current year to end February 2020, i.e. March 2019 to end February 2020.
    I trust this clarifies.


    I have largely given up on M&M silver FTL.

    Given that you don’t get access to Lounges that are operatd by 3rd Party operators, in my circumsance it seems of little value.

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    Me too – particularly after they refused to entertain renewing my Senator status when I got to the end of the year with less than 5,000 of the 100,000 tier points to renew at which point I explained that I had been unable to travel for 3 months due to my wife being ill and then dying. They refused point blank to provide any sympathetic consideration at all and I was downgraded to FTL Silver. As SwissExPat says, apart from allowing access into LH Group Lounges, this status has no value.

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    To clarify, you need to earn those 35,000 status miles before December 31st, 2019. If you don’t, you will lose the status on March 1st 2020. the reason I’m told for the 2 months grace is historic, when miles could take up to 6 weeks to appear on your statement, so in case you qualified but the miles are not showing, they give this extra time.

    You need to achieve the 30 flights / 35,000 status miles in either of the two years. So if you hit the target in 2018, you will not need the full mileage again in 2019. When you lose atatus you have 3 years to use the miles, but if you re-qualify, then the validity is again extended.

    I agree about the non-use of 3rd party lounges, but you do get 25% extra miles, an extra piece of checked luggage, and I think you can also choose a seat without paying. So there are some benefits.

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