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    Everytime I have flown with BA to Miami, the flights have been either overbooked or nearly full with only one or two spare seats. There are two flights a day to Miami from Heathrow, I stand to be corrected.
    BA should increase these flights by maybe adding one more flight a day.

    A flight from Gatwick to Miami on a 777 (3-class or 4-class) would be a big hit as AA have a big hub down in Miami and would be great for connections onto Caribbean Islands and South America giving customers an even better choice over Iberia. BA don’t have flights to some Caribbean Islands and some don’t go daily, so customers could transit through Miami with AA onto their preferred destinations.

    Your views would be appreciated. Many thanks.


    Fort lauderdale would be great.

    Whilst I know it is not far from Miami & perhaps the cost of opening a ‘station’ may make the case prohibitive, it would be great for cruise passengers & persons travelling to West Palm Beach.

    Condor have a year round service from Germany which I believe is twice per week.


    BA serves Miami thrice daily as it now codeshares with AA on this route.

    Remember, it is yield, not volume, that matters and any additional frequencies from LON will be operated from LHR to give more choice of frequencies and a more competitive schedule against Delta and Virgin.



    You should try Orlando in the school holidays. Worse than Miami, all aircraft flying to capacity, excited children and 30% more expensive than Miami.

    Miami is also used as an Orlando overflow.


    BA adding a third daily in the Autumn. The 3rd is going to be a 777 till November and changes to 747 from then on. Does anybody know if the NF is on the 205/7/9 a/c? There was a fantastic spreadsheet looking at the a/c used and % of NF on them a few months back. Any updates on these?


    Also Delta is pulling out of this route, ensuring less competition. This is disapponting as in my experience they had a good product in J & Y. They started a year ago, when they were given slots to allow BA/AA to form their partnership, But when BA purchsed lots of slots last year, and moved flights to LGW, they chose not to start new flights to China, Asia, Latin America etc but to place loads of capacity on existing routes where they smelt blood from rival carriers, to push them off the route. Miami is I think an example of this.


    By summer, BA will have three daily flights from LHR, AA one. Virgin flies this direct route daily, so it’s not as if there’s no direct competition.

    It can’t be too long before Fort Lauderdale FLL is added to BA’s network; useful to avoid the hellhole that is MIA for those not connecting, and potentially high demand from cruise lines, and premium leisure travellers, though it’s a route better suited to Gatwick.

    Particularly once the refurbished 767s come back into the fleet.

    The North American routes are very profitable for BA, so they’ve taken the right decision to “stick to their knitting” and focus on core markets, in the absence of slots and aircraft to create expansion.

    IAG can use Iberia for interim South American expansion, so I don’t think that’s as big a gap as is made out, especially if the plan to buy TAP comes off.

    India has recently seen enormous subsidies for state carriers and Kingfisher in the process of going bankrupt; competing against such carriers is a challenge for any properly run firm.

    China is underserved, but it’s not clear to me that demand is such in the short term to justify direct services, bearing in mind the constraints outlined below and the anaemic state of the UK economy. This is fast changing, though.

    The main limitation was lack of aircraft and this is now being slightly eased with the retention and refurb of the longhaul 767s, arrival of the six new 777-300ERs which are now all in service at LHR and the reduction in Sydney services which has freed up aircraft, but there are still aircraft being taken out of service for addition of the new interiors in Cardiff.

    The acquisition of new slots will massively increase the need for airframes so I’d expect this lack of aircraft to be an issue for a while longer.

    The bmi acquisition will ease the slots situation, but as BA is unlikely to retain many of their leased shorthaul fleet in the medium term I’d expect a new fleet order or more likely a large lease contract to be announced shortly, with a view to using new aircraft on new longhaul routes probably from 2013; but the fat lady has yet to sing on this transaction, so a few more days patience is needed.


    I suppose we are going off topic now with VKs posting, but agree with him on a Fort Lauderdale service. I cannot see this not working, and a 767 or even 777 would be fine (runway length permitting).

    But to go back to VKs posting and very good knowledge of BA fleet strategy etc, I think BA should operate more routes to South America, not only because of economic ties increasing with many countries, (which are growing robustly), but also having Iberia as an introduction to IAG will likely put many passengers off the group!

    So I think routes to Bogota, Lima, Santiago are feasible, and maybe Brasilia & Belo Horizonte as further developments to Brazil

    I cannot see IAG getting TAP. With TAM likely joing oneworld with their merger partner LAN, I cannot see the EU approving BAIB buying TP when all these carriers are in the same alliance.


    The comments raised on the following news item, may be of interest to readers of this thread:


    I do not understand the OP, The nearer to 100% loading a service runs (allowing for pax cargo mix) the more profitable a route is. Given that there are 4 flights a day on One World and numerous connections available for the odd oversale. WHy on earth would a carrier want to add another flight just to provide spare seats and dilute revenue?

    VK One point, Iberia and TAP do not offer First Class, For First class passengers, the AA connection is the alternate to SOuth America for BA. The outbound flights are great as they provide daytime as well asred eye whereas BA and AA are red eye only (except for the non first service to GIG from BA). The return is not so pleasant having lay overs after a red eye. Having said that when I flew GRU and EZE regualrly in 2009-2008, I found the JFK connection better as the flights depart late from EXE and GRU (unlike Ba which leave in the afternoon so you lose half a day’s business). Then the connection to AA142 gets you into London at 9.30 pm just in time to go to bed. I hated the BA from GRU as it got in at 7.25 and I found the jet lag far worse, plus I had to allow an extra day to cover for the lost afternoon (taking into account the length of time ti takes to get to GRU)

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