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    Anybody have any idea what is going on with the BMI website, it’s frontpage has a new look and and functionality but quite a number of links lead to “page not found” or asking again to log in. It looks like webmaster only half uploaded the website and then left. Very messy and not very professional.

    Could not agree more. Furthermore, the new design looks positively funereal to me, and has in no way reflects the British Midland corporate look & branding (not that that is necessarily a bad thing)

    This is just another example of how they have lost the plot since they went all Ryanair.


    I came across various problems with their previous Web site. So no change there then.


    Ineed. But then they wont care, they’re to be sold by end Dec!

    The DC call centre, now Indian based, is APPAULLING!
    Bad lines, “Wooden” read computer responses from agents that know very little about airlines or travel.
    Also, BMI WILL NOT release seats on other Star All carriers.

    I have tried 12 airlines with them, for a route to Australia, as flexible as 12 weeks, months ahead n they will not release seats on Air canada, Singapore, Air NZ, South African etc…Yet other friends have tried their SA carrier scheme, & there ARE available seats.
    One flight had NO Business seats booked (can see seats avaialable), & they confirmed SA award seats were free.
    “BMI India” say there are none…They only try to plug Lufthansa…
    Best get rid of your miles with them, theyre a 3rd rate semi Low-cost airline now. The DC has declined to new found depths since calling moved to India! its a hopless waste of time even calling them.
    They will be no loss, & whoever takes them over, I hope will have some new sense of customer service.
    No-one can make it worse thats for sure…!


    To make things worse the “how to earn miles” page on the BMI site has not been update since March 2008, thus completely ignoring new Star Alliance members Egyptair and Turkish Airlines. Incidentally the link on the frontpage to Star Alliance is not working either. What a shambles.


    are BMI being sold??? i have acclumulated many you think I will lose them???

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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