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  • stevescoots

    I came through T2 MAN outbound on Friday, apart from having to pay the drop off fee thanks to the very poor signage for the valet parking was not as terrible as i was anticipating, just frustrating.
    Security did take me an hour in the “fast track” the things i noticed straight away was the amount of people having their bags stopped and set aside . I would estimate 15+%. In many cases it was people, dare i say ladies, forgetting they had a bottle of nail polish or similar. However several, like mine were stopped for extra check for what I would say is lack of experience or over zealousness. in my case it was my QC 35’s headphones which I have been flying with for years and never checked. The lady next to me was her laptop charger. Of course this extra screening was having a huge knock-on effect as the machines backed up as they were putting them back through. I saw plenty of staff but at no point did I see them going down the line reminding people to double check for liquids etc.
    I know security is important and it has been said before, is it not beyond the wit of man for someone in Authority to get out there and apply some common sense. Glamorous Granma on her way to Gran Caneria does not need to have her bag x-rayed again if staff have already emptied it, swabbed it etc. Dull old me does not need to wait for mine to go through again after going through the same.
    As someone who does Time and motion study if it were not so frustrating it would be funny


    Without a doubt, there are issues at most airports as the country begins to ease back to ‘post covid normality’.
    While the aiports have some culpability here, they are operating in a reactive mode. Hardly surprising after the
    chopping and changing of travel regulations nationally and internationally over the last 24 months.

    Most airport woes are I think a combination of this and the inevitable ‘press’ hype.

    I passed through Terminal 1 at MIA on Thursday 5/5 and back in on 14/5.
    Outbound was a breeze. From parking to getting airside took less than 15 minutes. This at 08:00.
    I was flying with Lufthansa. This was I think a key factor.

    I believe that the ‘press’, as usual, are searching for the worse case scenarios and pushing those stories.

    From my experience the issues are clearly with the early morning departures of the, lets call them ‘holiday airlines’.
    The only queues I saw were for those airlines at check-in.

    There were no queues at security, in fact it was the quietest I have ever seen it.

    On my return on the 14th the passport control was well set out to deal with high volumes, even with a priorty aisle for people with mobility issues.
    It was quiet.

    After 2 years of covid restrictions people as a generality have grown, short tempered, intolerant and entitled and ‘common sense’ has finally expired.


    After 2 years of covid restrictions people as a generality have grown, short tempered, intolerant and entitled and ‘common sense’ has finally expired.

    I think the only thing that has ‘expired’ are the staffing levels to enable passengers to pass through certain airports smoothly and in the case of some airlines, available crews to operate, combined with the number of checked bags not being reunited with their passengers. Then of course you have the overpriced tickets and covid travel restrictions.

    Blame the press or blame staffing levels….or blame covid???

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    MAN security is definitely on another level. Why, I don’t know. But items that pass LHR or other large airports in my bag with no issue – not so when passing through MAN. Some examples – my empty refillable water bottle, a selfie stick, a tin of tuna.

    I’m not familiar with T2 but the security area in T1 needs a whole re-design. They need areas pre x-ray machine where people can start un-bundling their stuff. And straight after the x-ray machines is a bottleneck also. This is actually where I see most tempers flare – people trying to put their shoes on or re-pack their belongings in a tiny area with no space while upwards of ten people are crowding around waiting for their backs which have been flagged.

    It isn’t fit for purpose.

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    Saturday connected from IOM to LHR, lounge closed, people sat on stairs as only place to sit, KFC stopped serving as I joined queue.


    Its not just here as we know, I flew out of RDU to JFK on wednesday, the line for self check AA was out the building, across the drop off point and into the car park, As i was international to JFK then SGN i had to wait in the priority line as self check does not work, which took over an hour to check in as they were constantly pulling anyone from the check in line due on the LHR flight.

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