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    Has anyone heard anything about MH integration into Oneworld?
    According to an insider with track record, it appears MH have failed to meet most of the criterias set out in Oneworld’s Member delivery document and it is highly unlikely that MH will make it into Oneworld in the near future. A pity really, as being part of an alliance is one great opportunity for MH to turnaround, especially with QF moving their hub out of the region, MH will become the only Oneworld carrier to offer an all A380 service on the kangaroo route.


    Where did you source this info from…what criteria will they not meet?

    MH have some strange arrangements. Earn with the Skyteam / Flying Blue miles to spend, but they do not count in miles or flight numbers towards your membership level. They used to share mutual access to all with KLM but now only spending miles.

    It really would have benefited Skyteam if MH had become a full member with them, as they are very weak in the pacific and Australasia region.
    Earn with Virgin Atlantic miles, but at a pittance of no tier miles in economy, and only 2 points for long haul in Business class. U need 40 points a year for Virgin Gold!

    I have been a fan of MH flying them every now n then down to Australia, but they have been in serious decline in recent years. Air Asia has taken many of their local domestic and regional routes.
    Their aircraft have become distinctly drab, faded, old and tatty, and the many 747’s are quite old and grubby. Recent flights from KUL to Europe in Business were awful, food, service, and the faded Antiques Roadshow they call their 747!

    However, I see they are taking A330-300’s that look and feel much better, and of course their A380. I hope they continue their revival, their Golden Lounge also having had a new upgrade also in KL. It would be truly great to see them re-establish themselves, but it must come with new better in flight cabins and new aircraft. Their service and food has always been excellent.

    I hope they do re-establish but with Singapore and Thai as next door and regional comparisons, they will have to match that quality, new Aircraft, and be better on price to take others customers.


    I haven’t heard anything about hold-ups with MH joining OW, except that this was due second half of 2012, then late 2012, then by the end of 2012, then ‘end of 2012 or early 2013’ and now ‘early 2013’… so the date keeps slipping but that doesn’t mean there are actual technical issues with MH gaining final OW membership.


    To Marcus:

    MH’s arrangement with KLM isn’t as “strange” as you think.

    Any MH-operated flight booked under a KL flightnumber will count for level miles and level segments. It has always been like this in the Flying Blue era. Nothing has changed.

    Any MH-operated flight booked under an MH flightnumber (with some exceptions- flights between KUL and CDG, and charter flights, etc) *DO* earn award miles in Flying Blue.

    That is certainly not unusual. As MH is not a SkyTeam member, flights under their own code would not count as qualification miles. Just as you wouldn’t get any BA Tier Points on Aer Lingus flights (except for those that carry a BA code and were booked under this codeshare flight number).


    MAS has never realised its full potential.

    It’s always trailed SIA since the split up of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines.

    That carrier failed because each country had a different objective for what was a joint national airline.

    I suspect MAS is a difficult carrier to work with so it doesn’t surprise me that it has not yet integrated with Oneworld.


    As a BA Exec Club member earning Oneworld miles, I cant wait for MH’s integration into the system, since it provides excellent connections from Bombay through KUL to many points in S. E. Asia. I have flown only one round-trip with them (Bombay – Bali via KUL) in Business Class and feel they offer a decent “standard” product, seats that are comfortable enough (though not luxurious) and good service. The only downside was the food and beverage onboard: very ordinary with terrible champagne!


    It states clearly in the flying blue rules, that Malaysian Airlines flights will NOT count towards level miles, only spending miles, which is a pity. Domestic flights also will not count, unless to langawi, Penang, or Kota Kinabalu. You cannot book these flights under a kl flight number
    The arrangements with klm have been considerably loosened over some years. Great pity as they should really complement each other. Other than the a380 services, MH has really pulled back services with Air Asia taking much business from them. However MH prices for domestic flights has also dropped.

    They will be starting a380 flights down to Sydney late November, so London to Sydney will be a380’s all the way. Shame klm did not tie in properly for us to gain full benefits.
    These tie ups but only half benefits are confusing and pretty much each have their own rules, as are code share sky team flights. They should either be in and you earn fully, or not.


    HI Marcus,

    KLM-MH tie up is loosing up is simply because MH is going to oneworld and GA entrance to SkyTeam. It seems like KL and the rest of SkyTeam group prefer GA to MH, Simply because GA offer a wider destination across the Indonesian Archipelago than MH.

    Also, GA have the famous Bali as a hub and the ever growing Jakarta. I would not be surprise if KL will transfer all their Australian flight to GA and terminate their relationship with MH. Furthermore, I think GA is an advantage over MH as GA offer fully-flat “J” seat across their fleet to Australia.

    Back to topic, there are no news regarding MH delaying oneworld, I would assume they are still joining oneworld at the end of the year.


    Malaysia Airlines to join oneworld on 1 February 2013

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