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    I think you should always be willing to say “I was wrong”.

    Oh….not that kind of make up……









    So glad I don’t have to do that – couldn’t be bothered. Just shaving is a bit of a chore!



    I would advise anyone in need of a good laugh to read the 2nd comment down on that article.

    Such ill informed, irrelevant trash talk always makes me chuckle. Apparently an article on fashion advice from airline crew is an appropriate place to offload your bigoted hatred towards the Arab states (and also the boycott of the completely unrelated Russian Winter Olympics).

    It would worry me if this user did indeed represent the “True__Brit”… thankfully that’s not the case (I hope).



    AOTG + 2 ……
    Realising that you just can’t win with rationale discussion….and I’ve also discovered it’s best not to ask what you’ve done wrong , even when you don’t know what you’ve done wrong…..

    FDOS….read the article and I have to confess to…..the following tip ….

    “We use rehydration sprays on our faces throughout the flight.”

    It’s like having your own Emirates shower at your seat …



    I too had a chuckle at AOTG’s comment but I think that was its purpose. I’ve not read anything that was offensive to anyone!



    does this apply to both male as well as female cabin crew..?



    On the back of re-reading conshaldow ‘s comment, which has slightly confused me I re-read the original newspaper article….

    I’ve now got to man up here…..

    My rehydration spray is a simple 50 ml container filled with……………….

    WATER …

    Not the Fancy Dan infusion mood changing magical H2O stuff the Emirates lassies are using…… more money than sense……maybe I should propose on my next EK flight…and they can keep me in luxury….



    Deary me, you guys are having a “slow news” day! I would never in a million years have guessed this thread was started by FDoS, I thought BB was back!

    But I am impressed that you all know how to “make up”!! 😉 🙂

    Canucklad – I thought your rehydration therapy was carried out in the pub! 😉

    Seriously, just to get back on topic, I always used to tell my ladies on the reception desks, put your lippy on, you will feel much better – it’s quite empowering for a woman to have her hair done nicely, and have her “face” on – it makes dealing with some of these pain in the you-know-what business travellers much easier!!! 😉 🙂

    I do look at some CC and wonder if they even bothered to look in a mirror, let alone bother to wash their hair which is scraped back in a bun and looks like they should have been up half an hour earlier to wash their hair! I think the days of women looking glamorous in jobs that were once considered to be so glamorous, such as “air hostess”, have long gone, which is a shame!

    Red is such a great power colour, apart from its other connotations! Years ago, the first time I wore a red jacket to a meeting with my boss, his first words were “oh,oh, she means business wearing that jacket!” He was right!

    I think these days men should take care with their skin, especially when travelling and the dehydration factor. I got my DH on to some of the Clarins products when I got him a free “gift with purchase” some years ago. Now I have to stock up on his stuff when I buy mine – but shhhhh don’t tell anyone! LOL!

    But nothing beats drinking lots and lots of water!



    Sorry, I think i have confused a few people.

    I was referring to the comment on the original Telegraph article, not AOTG’s comment on BT, which was absolutely fine.



    Good to hear from you Papillion….

    Unfortunately I don’t take water in my malt…just 2 cubes of ice… no re-hydration in the local, or at the festival

    I do drink apx 2 litres of water a day though…….

    You’re last piece of advice is by far the best…. keeps my blood diluted and my youthful looks from deserting me…lol



    canucklad – 21/08/2013 15:24 GMT
    Unfortunately I don’t take water in my malt…just 2 cubes of ice… no re-hydration in the local, or at the festival

    Tsk Tsk Tsk.


    Adding water to any single malt changes the composition of the spirit and unlocks more flavours and aromas.

    Ideally, the water added would be the same as that used by the distillery to make the whisky. But that’s not easy to do, especially if you enjoy your single malt outside of Scotland. The best bet is to add still Scottish spring water, or soft tap water without too many added chemicals. The key is to add a little water at a time, taking it slowly until you find the balance to suit your tastes.

    WITH ICE (no)

    Adding ice to a Single Malt can certainly make it a more refreshing drink. However, if you want to appreciate the more subtle qualities of a Classic Malt, it’s worth remembering that the coldness of the ice can sometimes reduce the aromas and flavours present in the whisky.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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