Make Believe Laws on Photography Onboard

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  • canucklad

    However if I was a crewmember I would not be paranoid about someone photographing a seat,meal etc.

    Hi SkyHigh
    I’d agree with that, maybe I got the wrong end of the stick.

    I also have taken photo’s (on my phone) on board, specifically of views from the window and of travelling companions enjoying themselves.
    All pictures stay on my phone, although I hope to create a mosaic print of the very best views from the window. I’ve already got some crackers !!

    Crossing the line would be taking photo’s of stuff that could be construed to be used later in a commercial sense or of strangers breaching their privacy.
    Unfortunately the world is now full of self proclaimed Vloggers/ critics whose sole intention is to subtly bully organizations into submission to their need to feel important. Usually without consequence of defamation laws , unlike mainstream writers who are. That’s possibly why airlines are beginning to get paranoid

    If you search You Tube with “in-flight reviews” you’re faced with a myriad of choices, and here’s my point ….Most of the filming is clearly not authorised , most clips will probably be posted without knowledge of the airline and any employees caught up in the making of the video. And most importantly without a right to reply !!
    Add to that, that most of these reviews have a subscribe button and have advert hits as part of the model .
    This means these vloggers are in reality a commercial operation and should be subjected to the same laws as the rest of us, especially GDPR . watch any of these video’s and if you know what you’re looking for they’re breaching other peoples (including fellow passengers ) privacy laws all over the place !!

    However if you’re just taking a picture of the meal so you can look back and reminisce than I agree-paranoia is it : )

    Oh, and by the way how did you attach your smiley face ? Ta


    Hey there canucklad.

    Yes perhaps you misunderstood me.

    Semi Colon and right outer bracket creates a smiley emoji.

    I am not on Youtube (purely due to filming in portrait and now not having facility to rotate videos).

    But also I would not want the abuse that some feel is ok to give out. See the trolls at work on my Qatar Airways post.


    I personally can’t see the point of documenting everything. I much prefer to store the experiences in my head rather than a cloud somewhere!
    Having said that I know a lot of people do but I wouldn’t like it if I were photographed and mgt picture then distributed all over the Net.

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    Whatever happened to Vintage Krug?

    Rumour has it that he can be found on FlyerTalk under the moniker “Oscietra”…

    Anyone wanting to read a story of really outrageous treatment of a photographer on board should read this article


    The crews and staff have the same concerns about privacy and safety/security as do others exposed to the public such as law enforcement, justice and military personnel.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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