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    Up to June 18th of 2013 all the carriers we had flown were extremely restful and relaxing, until we boarded flight LH 1309 from BEY to Frankfurt.

    The duration of the flight was more then 4 hours long and needless to say how uncomfortable our seats where, the no leg room, the tight place and the hardly reclining seat was upmost rough and painful.. The entertainment was non-existent and the staff was snotty.

    I questioned the flight attendant about those business seats, she replied with a sarcastic voice and a sneer smile that this is all we have and assured me that those were business seats!

    My husband had to endure leg and back pain and had to double up on his painkillers and blood thinner medications to avoid a stroke.
    We had a contract with Lufthansa to provide us with a comfortable business reclining wide seat, instead, Lufthansa provided an economy seat and just by adding a tray in the adjacent middle seat, label it ” Business Seat”.

    I did request a refund for the fare difference between Business and economy. All I got is an apology!!!


    In future Nadine, you always have the option to get off the aircraft……….. whether the airline will care or not will obviously depend. This did work well for one of our fellow forum members some time ago…

    However, you will need to judge whether there is value in this…………


    Nadine – it does sound as if you and your husband had a very painful experience, particularly in view of your expectations of long-haul business class seating.

    Some European airlines do treat eastern Meditteranean destinations as if they are the same as short-haul Europe. Unfortunately, both Lufthansa and their partner Swiss fly this route with short-haul A320/ A321 aircraft. In the case of Swiss, the service is offered by partner, Edelweiss. For what is showing today at about 2,500 Euro return with both carriers, I can appreciate that you were not best pleased. Rude service on top of this is inexcusable.

    You would receive far more comfortable service with, for example, Air France who deploy long-haul B777-200 or A340-300 aircraft between Paris and Beiruit. Likewise, British Airways use ex-bmi but recently modified A321s with well received regional business class seating. Either option sounds as if it would be streets ahead of your LH experience to me.


    Fully agree with TominScotland although I prefer MEA when flying to or from Beirut!


    email head of complaints they refund very fast <a href="mailto:[email protected]“>[email protected]

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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