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    You may know that for some time Lufthansa has been offering a limo service to UK regional airports for passengers travelling to FRA & MUC and then making a connection in F. It always seemed strange that the London airports were left out of that offer.

    All is now rectified!

    If you book in F from today onwards you can now order a limo to take you to LHR or LCY for your connection to FRA, MUC, ZRH or GVA as Swiss are now also included in the offer.

    If you are booking through FRA make sure you have enough time to enjoy the F terminal which has to be the world’s premier F facility complete with the most friendly and efficient security staff, your own PA throughout your stay, an amazing dining experience, rest and relaxation areas including the possibility of a soak in a very large bath tub, very pleasant border police and then another limo transfer to your flight where there will be only 8 F seats in a very exclusive cabin.

    It beats another European airline hands down.



    Lufthansa/Swiss seems to have extended this to multiple markets as well. Here in Stockholm it is available for paid First Class tickets.

    I agree that the end-to-end First experience through Frankfurt (in particular) is exceptional. I have heard very positive news about the Air France experience at CDG. I have a dear friend who described a very similar experience coming down from ARN and connecting where he was collected at the arriving gate by car, and taken to the First Class Lounge. He said the food and service was outstanding.



    I can highly recommend the First Class Lounge / Terminal at Frankfurt as well.

    Two wishes though:
    1. Arriving FRA with LH in First and transferring to another LH flight in F, it would be nice if they’d take you by car / golf buggy to the lounge. You have to walk miles and go through passport control twice.

    2. It would be fantastic if they’d offer their chauffeur drive out of Lugano for LH/LX flights. The only thing Swiss offer is free parking in reserved places at Lugano Airport. Trouble is there are only four places and it’s first come first taken.



    Agreed, the LH F terminal is unmatched. It’s if anything even better now that the number of F seats has been culled.



    Clearly no one has seen the First Class lounge in Abu Dhabi!
    The Premium Terminal for Business and First class is absolutely impeccable.

    The 5 star restaurant, Many staff Butler style, spa salon, cigar room, library, finest wines and champagne, and you are escorted to the aircraft with absolute priority. Also standard with a chauffeur service, as with Etihad’s Business class, worldwide.

    The First suites only compare to that of SQ, but their lounge in AUH, (and their own lounges around the network), would be the best in The world in my view. Even T4 at LHR the lounge is excellent.



    JohnHarper – where did you hear about this as I just contacted Lufthansa to arrange a transfer for LHR and they had no idea what I was talking about!?



    @HansMueller, I think it was limited to BHX and MAN, excluded LHR. Can’t seem to find the details.



    Sorry, I should have posted the link in the first place, I got the news in an email but it’s here for all to see:

    You can book it on line here:



    I’ve been able to book an LH limo at LHR in the last couple of days. The link John provides above does the job very quickly.



    Good to see LH maintaining a competitive edge. Their F from the once I have tried it is the best of the bunch in Europe though AF seem to be catching up fast.

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