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    Hello All

    I’m looking at flying with Lufty in 1st next month but the timings aren’t as good as they could be….meaning that connections etc aren’t as convenient, however, I would take the hit on timings (and the price is a little more than BA – only other airline offering me the route – EDI – GIG) so wondered if any of you have done the 747-8 in 1st and if it is worth the extra hassle.

    It is the aircraft which is giving me the reason for flying with them, but having never flown LH 1st, I’d be keen to have any thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.



    I flew LH 787H last week from ORD to FRA seated in First.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but the timing of the 16.00 take off from ORD meant that ‘overnight’ sleeping was a bit of a challenge.

    For me, it pushed the BA First firmly into Second place but I wouldn’t say that there is a truly huge difference – more to do with the age of the aircraft in my opinion than anything else – LH was plush, warm, brown leather & my BA experience LHR to ATL in both directions on an aging 777 meant that I found LH to be better.
    Both BA staff & LH staff were excellent – Food was pretty good on both & it’s very rare that I drink alcohol on a flight so the quality of the champagne or wine, is not something I could comment on.

    I’m rambling a bit here but I do hope that this makes sense to you.



    seasonedtraveller – 02/10/2015 18:33 BST

    Thanks for your reply seasonedtraveller!




    @Seasoned Traveller

    Interested in your comment “but I wouldn’t say that there is a truly huge difference”… between BA and LH F class

    I have used LH First a couple of times but not on the -800. I had always thought the -800 F product on LH was miles ahead of the “business class” style of BA….



    So, update is that I’ve taken the plunge and booked with Lufthansa, in 1st for my trip to Brazil.

    Flights are: EDI – FRA / FRA – GIG then GRU – FRA / FRA – EDI, both long hauls on the 747-800 and I’ve made plenty of time on the way out and the way home to enjoy the lounge in Frankfurt. Having just flown EK in 1st a few weeks ago, will be interesting to see how LH fares. (Incidentally, got a really old plane back from DXB – GLA with an antique ICE system but it still did the job…..sort of. 1st world problems eh?)

    I noticed on LH’s home page about the chauffeur drive so have booked this, I am exactly 5.1 miles outwith the 50 miles radius if you take the back roads (which no one ever does) so looks like I’m getting it gratis.

    Will let you all know if I made the right call. Any tips would be welcomed.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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