London Heathrow Airport third runway U-turn ahead

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  • SimonS1

    Kick it all into the long grass, election next year, after that the government of the day can set up an enquiry into all the enquiries and fanny around a bit more.

    Anthony – I have often wondered about Boris. I just put it down to the fact that people love a clown and he fits the bill well.


    If HS2 is ever built why not an airport around Northampton – plenty of land and with HS2 20 minutes to St Pancras and to the centre of Birmingham….

    Sadly I don’t expect to see either a new airport or HS2 in my lifetime though in China they would do both in 18 months!


    @ PeterCoultas – 02/09/2014 18:47 GMT

    But there again, in China, the government will machine gun to death several thousand protesters in the middle of its capital city and then airbrush this out of the country’s history. The self same government will, with no compunction, expropriate land and buildings as if the occupiers never existed – which I have recently witnessed with my own eyes in the centre of Beijing. Given a choice between the two, I know where I would prefer to live – and it’s not China.

    EDITED after first posting:

    That said, after the entirety of my life having been spent debating, in one version after another, the future of runway provision in L&SE, it really is well overdue that we took a bl**dy decision and got on with it. That is where the UK falls down in comparison with other places.


    I agree with you Anthonydunn. We live in a democratic society where even those with the NIMBY attitude need to protected from the worse excesses. This debate has gone on for years, and it is that debate we should all relish living in a society where we can air our views without fear.

    Personally, I favour the 3rd 4th runway at LHR and another runway at LGW. We then need a high speed connection between the two ( discussed on another thread). I think the Thames hub has it’s merits, perhaps similar to the Hong Kong solution, but I fear it will not happen so reality needs to be considered.

    It would make sense to me to move the current Northern Runway west about 200 meters giving the Eastern end access to Runway 3. Runway three can then be used for the nippy short haul departures leaving the two main runways clear for arrivals and large jet departures.

    It is worth remembering that one of the constraints of the current operations at LHR are delays due to wake turbulence that dictates smaller craft need a two or three minute window between a large jet and the smaller jet for take off.

Viewing 4 posts - 601 through 604 (of 604 total)
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