London City – losing its gloss???

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  • Celticplumber

    The security at LCY is incomprehensible to me. As a mild asthmatic, I carry a ventolin inhaler with me. LCY is the only airport anywhere I have been at which I am required to place my inhaler in a plastic bag. If its in my jacket pocket, then my jacket goes into the scanner’s “naughty queue” which means an additional delay. And if I have been away overnight and am already carrying a liquids bag, then the ventolin needs to squeeze into that. Only ever at LCY.

    And if I’m in transit and have brought a bottle of duty free with me from my airport of departure, properly sealed in a transit bag of course with the receipt showing, then what a kerfuffle that causes. In fact the supervisor who was called to inspect my nice bottle of Italian Red told me that he “hates it when people do this”…”this” being legitimately bring duty free through the airport whilst in transit in accordance with DOT guidelines.


    I must have hit lucky today at London City.

    Smiling staff, helpful and polite security operatives and through in a couple of minutes.

    The cancelled flights may have helped 🙂


    I went through LCY the week that it opened. It was pretty good then. We were followed by the press. I told them that photographs were not allowed, because my boss was fleeing his obligation to pay the alimony. The press went away, but I don’t think the boss forgave me….


    Stuck at London City and it feels like a busy underground platform in the height of rush hour. Delays due to bad weather and difficult to even find a spare seat.

    The airport certainly can not cope with the number of passengers when the going gets tough.

    To give the airport a little bit of credit, despite only 2 security lanes out of 4 working, it only took 5 minutes to get through, until you hit that wall of people.

    A horrible place to be right now.


    Why have the owners allowed the airport grass, to fester away to a Burnt out Black?
    The whole area between the Runway and single taxiway, is burnt off, black, dirty, dead, and it gives an atrocious impression of the airport.
    Match this with the dirty toilets, over pressured security lanes slow and awkward overcrowding, queues for check in desks, it’s quite off putting these days.
    Coming in is ok, but going out no longer would meet the minimum times. 90 minutes should be the standard.

    Anyone taken or seen the new KLM Embraer 190’s in LCY yet?


    Like the overall decline in what you experience for your flight these days, no matter in what class, Worldwide or European, all is declining.

    it is shocking to see the filthy state of LCY, Black aprons, no green grass left, it really looks like an abandoned site. For sure it states clearly about Management and investment attitude, like having a dirty hotel or badly maintained aircraft.
    It is not a very reliable airport any longer, and departures you need a minimum of 70 minutes for check in, security, and the overcrowded airside facilities.
    It is often closed or restricted during Winter, and huge numbers of cancellations.
    i would never connect through there.

    I am not sure what an “Unnecessary journey” is?
    We may perceive others journeys as such but not our own? Many Business people do not need to travel with many other options, and short flights to Europe are wasteful and costly to the environment, with old aircraft.

    A personal leisure trip is just as valid if not more to a Business travel, mostly in the same economy cabin these days too, frequently feeding the hub of a large Airline, such as KLM.


    Well this is more than a little surprising !

    London City Airport has collected the award for Airport of the Year at the 14th Annual London Transport Awards.

    The judging panel, which included representatives from the Transport Times, London First, London TravelWatch and London Councils, recognised the significant progress made by London City Airport during the course of 2016, a year capped by a record-breaking 4.5 million passengers.

    Highlights included planning permission for a £350 million expansion programme, the first phase of a £20 million refurbishment and extension of its departure gates, and a £20 million runway overlay project, set against the backdrop of a change in ownership.

    New facilities and improvements were joined by an increase in customer satisfaction, with its customer survey finding 95% of first time flyers would use the airport again.

    Is there another London city Airport to the one I have used ?


    Interesting report via CAPA that Schipol has found an increasing number of pax now fly via another EU airport to the USA. Obviously good publicity foŕ AMS, however as Martyn and TominS and others illustrate there are logical and economic reasons to do so, mainly reduced ticket prices. The airlines contribute more to global warming by their sales practices?


    Flightlevel – There are many dozens of secondary airports throughout the EU and few boast of having transatlantic service. That is the main reason why residents of these cities fly indirectly, often via a hub in another EU country.

    Future expansion of long-haul, low-cost carriers will change matters to a certain extent.

    We’ve already reported on Norwegian’s B737 MAX flights to the USA from secondary airports. And this airline has now announced it will be flying transatlantic with B737 MAX from Bergen.


    Aware of that and refer to those that avoid UK major airports to get cheaper tickets via a EU destination even if they consequently travel via the UK. Airlines market that way to increase load factors on routes into their hub. Recently quoted a cheaper flight to Oz on PAL from HKG than from MNL on the same flight from their hub. It will be interesting how IAG price fares on their “new” longhaul airline from Barcelona? That maybe a new subject?

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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