LON-SYD Transit Options: BKK or SIN?

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    Which is the best transit option for getting to OZ?

    I have the option of Bangkok (BKK) or Singapore (SIN).

    Which is preferred by those who use this regularly. Am rather put off BKK by stories of tourists being arrested at the Duty Free shop…


    I have flown the route several times and have been via both BKK and SIN with Thai and Singapore airlines respectively If you have the choice i would recommend going via SIN over BKK for the simple reason that I find transiting the airport in SIN more enjoyable than the airport at BKK.

    I find it more user friendly and the SQ F lounge is better then the Thai F lounge in BKK. Ditto the J class lounges. I also popped my head into the BA/Quantas lounge in SIN on one trip to say hello to a friend and it lookede very nice. I cannot comment on the BA lounge at BKK as have not seen it.

    I hope that the above is of some use. Have a good trip!


    On my trips to Sydney, I much prefer Singapore, nicer airport, lounges and no language problems. The BA/QF lounge is nice too. Although sometimes never get tothe lounge as too busy mooching around the terminal for the hour or so before re-boarding.
    On the very odd time when only BKK option available, it was a case of grin and bear it.


    I make the trip 2-3 times a year…would say SIN preferable, & tends to feel less of a jaunt down to Australia after, (have made SIN- SYD in 5.5 hrs!)

    Hear many problems with BKK but i like the airport itself, & the TG 1st class lounges were up n running fully then. I hear & see TG getting very tired, wiping out 1st class down in The Asia Pacific, & looking tired.

    If i had a complete choice i tend to stop in KUL on the way back, great hotels, efficient city links, (Love the Pan Pacific at KLIA).

    But for yr options, SIN perhaps best, but depends on yr carrier course, for the benefits at each airport.
    I also chose SQ for my next trip via SIN for a Business class seat down to Sydney…


    I have also made this trip several times, albeit with BA everytime. If stopping over I would go for BKK every time, if only for transit then SIN wins.

    My last trip on this route was Jan of this year. I found the following, which may be of some use for you.

    1. First/Business Lounges much better
    2. Overall airport experience better
    3. Much shorter onward flight into SYD
    4. Better shopping airside
    5. Roof top garden for smokers
    6. Easier back to gate from Lounge/Shops

    Hope this helps?


    Are you restricting yourself to British Airways or Qantas? If so, I would go via Singapore – the layover is better and although a busy route, it is not as busy as Bangkok.

    You might also want to consider VS via Hong Kong, CX via Hong Kong or EK via Dubai.


    If you stick with either BkK or SIN—then definitely SIN. As you can read from the previous comments. It is just easier, comfortable and in certain degree relaxing. Yes, it doesn’t feel over crowdedespecially with T3. With all the lights and plants, it is really comforting. The transit areas are packed with ameniteslike free movie area etc. It really doesn’t get boring, you can shop nicely and eat great Asian foods. Comparing to BKK which ist really looking like a Eastern European style of a cold and dull building. It lacks the comforting atmosphere. Yes they have traditional Thai statues as “wow effects” but really pax transit friendly= well, actually NO!
    The only good thing I experienced beside the TG First Class lounge und service-is the Spa Shop where you can have some massages treatments to relax for your next flight. I would not recommend to go for a shop spree in BKK duty free shops-experience high prices comparing to SIN and HKG.


    SIN preferred. Although if taking cost of the air ticket into consideration then HKK should not be rulled out.


    I prefer Singapore for it’s user friendliness. It’s not pretty, in fact there’s some very questionable design and decoration involved, but it has human needs well covered – plenty of food, seating and free internet.
    BKK may be new and clean but has no atmosphere – lots of grey concrete and steel.
    HKG fits in between the SIN and BKK.


    Or indeed its user friendliness 😉

    I always use the lounge when transiting, for a shower, but is it worthwhile seeking out some of the publicly available by-the-hour hotels airside in SIN? They sound rather seedy to me….


    If looking at BA / QF, take QF32 / BA7372 from London as this is the A380 (select days only at the moment) and operates via SIN.

    I also like Etihad via Abu Dhabi and Emirates via Dubai, also using the A380.


    Changi (SIN) everytime…if you have a lot of transit time, there’s even a hotel with a pool to cool off/chill out that’s cheap. Pending on your airline loyalty card it may even be free. If you’re biz or first – then lounges are much better…I always find SIN a joy to stop in, lots to look at, and good airline lounges.

    …mind you BKK those Thais have made a real effort to improve that airport (be aware of the scam reported in the press if you go into their Duty Free…)


    I have used the Changai transit hotel, & i have to say its quite good!

    The minimum time is 6 hrs, & in 6 hr blocks after. Tthe rooms are quiet & overlook some of the stands, comfortable, functional, not drab etc.

    I fly SQ LHR-SIN-SYD in 3 weeks in Business (Mix of the A380 & 777’s so the new A330 sets of seating on the re-furbed 773 also).
    Transiting from a 7.30am arrival, with a day & eve free in Singapore, leaving at midnight down to Sydney.
    Did this earlier this year. The transit hotel is very good for this purpose to break up the journey, sleep rest work, gym, whatever you like. Private & quiet. U can also leave to go into Singapore & return.

    Only other option is the Crowne Plaza for the day, & you cant book this on line.

    For a few hours lounges are great, especially SQ’s new 1st class lounge area), but the transit hotel isn’t a bad option if you want some longer time & a decent cost base, & the privacy of your own room or a flat Land bed!


    I am a UK citizen living in Singapore,
    Unless you speak fluent Thai – I suggest Singapore.

    Especially if you have problems.

    Many of the staff in BKK speak English but if you have a problem do you want to engage in Linguistic Gymnastics or get things sorted?

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