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  • AMcWhirter

    I can only say to LNER if you want to keep your passengers then do not use these Azuma trains, in comparison to the current rolling stock which provides room and comfort and a working WIFI Azuma’s are a disaster. I frequently use the LNER service between London and Edinburgh so the comparison is reasonable.

    Too late, sadly.

    These Azumas enter inaugural commercial service tomorrow. Their first route will be KX-Leeds to be followed by KX-Hull on Thursday May 16.

    Other destinations will follow in the weeks and months ahead.

    However note that it will take time before the Azumas operate all LNER services. The HST diesels and Mallard electric trains will be retained for a while yet.

    The comments re the seating are relevant because LNER will, eventually, be using them for KX-Aberdeen and KX-Inverness.

    It is unclear whether or not LNER’s seating will be substantially different to that featured on GWR’s IETs (these are similar trainets to LNER’s Azumas).

    Important to bear in mind that the seating for these new trains was procured by the DfT and *not * the TOCs (train operating companyies.

    More details on the seating below:



    For those who travel to the NE and want an alternative service, there is Grand Central https://www.grandcentralrail.com/

    I’ve had mixed experiences with them, but generally not bad. I have yet to experience the new Azuma trains.


    Oh dear, oh dear oh dear……
    Just had a read and a look at the article in the news section.
    A couple of observations……

    The seats look hard, not to dissimilar to Scotrail’s offering. Fine, if you’re resting your backside between Edinburgh and Glasgow, not so good between Kings Cross and Waverley .

    “The Azumas also have an additional 100 seats per train, which LNER’s Director of Safety and Operations, Warrick Dent, said could help ease overcrowding”

    Not saying that Warrick Dent is talking guff, but

    My main concern however is the size of the trains .
    As a regular traveller between Edinburgh and England , overcrowding has been the pain of my travels on the ECML , and that’s with much longer trains.

    What’s it going to be like with only 9 carriages ???

    Prof P

    Catering is much poorer in First Class then it was under Virgin. I travelled yesterday morning and had the breakfast. When I asked for toast I was told that they were not doing it as they were too busy, even though First Class was only one third full. i asked for bread instead and was told I could not have it. Trolley service stopped after Peterborough, only one third on my journey completed, so I only had one cup of tea. Staff were not the friendliest either!
    I am not sure that first class from Newark is worth it if catering is only available for such a short period of time!
    I also had similar jouneys too, where catering ceases after Stevenge.


    Catering is much poorer in First Class then it was under Virgin.

    TBH I am surprised to read this as so many people have praised the onboard service since VTEC handed back the keys and LNER took over.

    When you say “yesterday morning” did you mean Saturday or Sunday ?

    I ask because your posting was timed at 0239hrs on May 27.

    LNER, in common with most if not all UK TOCs, does not provide a normal first class service at weekends and public holidays. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.




    I’m also surprised to read ProfP’s comments – What time of day was this?
    I travelled up and back to Berwick on Tweed last Wednesday (in 1st), the journey up was pretty busy (up on the 7:00) all the way to York/Newcastle. They were serving full breakfasts if required (from what I could see in my carriage) to all passengers boarding at stations on the way North. The trolley service came past at least 3/4 times.
    On the way back south where the train was less busy the trolley came through at least 4/5 times if not more.
    I’ve been travelling quite frequently between Kings Cross and Leeds over the past couple of months (early morning and later in the day), and the service has been good.
    I’m still waiting to try my first Azuma train – I might be lucky (or unlucky?) this coming week.


    I am not sure that first class from Newark is worth it if catering is only available for such a short period of time!
    I also had similar jouneys too, where catering ceases after Stevenge.

    Not just LNER ProfP

    I recall a journey on Virgin from Kings Cross up to Waverley in 1st class when they announced that all catering would finish at Newcastle , so last chance to get a Beveridge and sandwich was after Darlington.

    I’m afraid my experience of first class travel on all the TOC’s I’ve used has been very disappointing. The only time I can say its met my expectations is when I’ve paid a minimal upgrade fee to escape the hoards of sweaty disgruntled fellow passengers in overcrowded carriages.
    Or , when the madness of ticketing prices kick in and you’re able to pay less for a 1st class ticket than you would for a standard anytime ticket.

    Primary benefit for me is the more comfortable seats and spacious surroundings. As for the catering (lack off) and lounges, well to use a golfing term, it’s a double bogey!!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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