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  • SGJNI1961

    But am I the only one to read the “news” item with total disbelief??????

    They have spent £3M doing what????? Expanding SALES! The airport as supermarket!
    Did BT simply reproduce the press release ? There appears to be nothing for passengers other than the opportunity to open your wallet. This airport is pretty crap on most levels, it is run by lo co’s for lo co’s it seems to me. £3M on new shopping is not an improvement.
    LPA is a very poor airport and it would seem £3M has been spent NOT to improve the passenger experience, just the airport’s.
    New lounges? Fast track? Airbridges?????????????????? More seating? Disabled access to aircraft?
    Why do you publish this stuff without some form of editing????
    I think it is a bit feeble to just put this up as “News” with no insight or investigation of your own. Yes, I read bigger TV’s, new toilets! WOW, £3M!


    I am confused as to whether this semi-literate rant is about Liverpool or LPA (Las Palmas).
    On the other hand, do I care?


    Imagine there’s no airport
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell of security
    No need to fly
    Imagine all the people
    Doing something else you hoo

    I may be a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I think we should start sailing
    And with airports be done

    With apologies to a great composer


    I fully accept that I went off on one but…….. the report portrays shops as “improvements” I my view.
    FDOS_UK, I like your style, good effort!

    capetonianm, sorry if I caused you any confusion in my mis-use of LPA for LPL, there was however an important clue in both the title of my post and the reported item but as you say, do you care? Yet, you felt the urge to put finger to keyboard. I’m sure I should feel chastened.


    FWIW I used to avoid LPL Airport, particularly since they introduced extortionate drop-off fees policed by Big Brother cameras. Recently however my attitude has softened. At LPL they still try to open your wallet at every opportunity, but at least the queues aren’t so bad, and the staff seem to be mostly human.

    Whereas nearby MAN Airport just gets worse and worse. The security hall in T3 seems designed with the objective of raising the anxiety level of passengers. unfriendly operatives, long and narrow queues, x-ray machines standing idle even at busy times, and worst of all constantly being harangued by gormless individuals whose job description can only be to raise the passengers’ stress level – and drowning out the same aggressive message being looped through the PA system.

    So whilst LPL has its irritations, in my opinion it is now head and shoulders above MAN for the passenger experience. I’ll look forward to my next visit and to see if the “improvements” mean they have finally ditched the “capital of culture 2008” carpets!


    Used LPL in 2015, partly to avoid MAN, and discovered how low cost it is. Had booked a Compact car at Europcar expecting an Elite VIP double upgrade, as promised by Europcar marketing, to be told that they never have bigger than compact, unless ordered. If they are ordered they come from MAN, which explained the huge price difference.

    Similar situation at LBA earlier this year with Avis, although Avis LBA were at least apologetic.

    They are now making improvements to car rental at BHX, which can only mean it gets worse.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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