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  • VintageKrug

    Seems sensible to incentivise extra loyalty with a long term incentive plan.

    But it also seems important to ensure there is still a minimum (modest) level of loyalty once it’s awarded otherwise it could become a massive draw on finances as those on low margin leisure flights take advantage of BA’s largesses on the ground.


    … and as those with a proper education would know, largesse is a collective noun. Collective nouns do not require pluralizing, so adding an “s” is wrong.


    I dont think there sould be a need to ensure minimum levels of loyalty, depending on the card benefits.

    If a “lifetime” card were to be created, further loyalty would be shown, when the card was being used.

    An airline should recognize long term custom, without conditions.


    I don’t think that number of tier points should come into the equation- too complicated. Keep it simple BA. Ten years or more of continuous gold/silver membership should equate to lifetime gold/silver respectively.


    Daytripper – be assured, if a lifetime card is created, it will only be issued after a very complex set of rules & conditions have been met – thats BA!

    “Make it special – Make it Complex – Make it impoosible to use – Make it impossible to retain – probably 1 more, Make it impossible to obtain !!

    I just hope that whatever the criteria, the card is given as recognition for years of loyalty to both business travellers and leisure travellers who have shown loyalty to the airline – and – not then taken away because they have not used the airline for a 12 month period.

    The likely benefits for a lifetime card holder will be lounge access BUT for BA, they will benefit from having a further marketing opportunity to another defined and recognizable group of travellers.


    May I suggest that it is a BA loyalty card that is issued when a set of criteria have been met.

    A new card with its own identity with certain benefits that set it apart slightly from current Silver or Gold status. You still get lounge access and still get seat selection, plus Premium check in. There must be a frequent traveller requirement but not s stringent as the current cards.

    As most of us will be using it into retirement and more on pleasure flying rather than business, I think it should be called the Grey Card….

    Maybe other OneWorld carriers will join in the same idea.



    I might be going senile but didn’t BA used to offer silver for life to some frequent flyers?(Gold for five years or something like that?) I seem to remember them arbitrarily cancelling it in about 2000 saying that it was no longer commercially viable. If I’m right (and they withdrew lifetime status that they had promised to loyal customers), why should we believe them this time around?


    donkeyasia – I woud have thought a QF lifetime membership would have been just that – for life. Seems they still want you to fulfil your side of the bargain and make the four QF flights per annum (which you have to do to ascend the status ladder). Not so good if you are ill for a year…..
    BA should take a leaf from QF and make it easier to retain Silver/Gold status, etc, than it is to attain it.


    I rather like all the complexity around some FF programmes.

    Keeps the riff raff out.


    Does anyone know what are the benefits of lifetime gold?

    When first introduced I read that you will have access to the Concorde room, that you could give a companion a gold membership etc.

    When I looked last on the website I did not see these benefits. Does anyone know if they removed these benefits and now they are only for the Gold List passengers.

    Thank you


    Lifetime gold I believe gives you lifetime access to standard gold benefits (F lounge, etc). 35k TP required.

    Lifetime gold guest list provides Concorde Room access. 100k TP required.

    Not sure if there has been a very recent change, but this was the case a couple of years back.

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    Thank you Alan. This is what I am reading now. But I clearly recall when they launched the lifetime tier I read of the co Concorde room and the other benefits, and was looking forward to reach the level. Not so much anymore.


    I reached the 35K TP LT Gold last year. On a recent trip through T5, having heard the same rumour about Concorde room access, I enquired at the lounge entrance and was firmly told no. Also no partner card for my wife etc, since I am not currently achieving GGL through my annual TPs.

    My first new card since achieving LT arrived in the post, and it is a standard Gold card with a one year expiry (no mention of LT on the card itself) – the reference to LT status is only made in the accompanying cover letter. Guess BA is leaving the door open to “amend” LT status in the future (as they are clearly allowed to do in their T&Cs).

    Frankly the whole LT status thing is not something to chase for, in my opinion, and it has somewhat perversely shifted my travel pattern towards non-BA.

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    Thank you ASEANTraveller. It is really frustrating and disappointing. I always made it a point to be loyal Traveller on BA even if it added a stop and few extra hours of waiting and flying. NO MORE. Thanks for your feedback. I hope other BA Travelers will wake up like I just did .


    I don’t recall Concorde Room access ever being part of LT Gold, it is not part of the BAEC Gold level unless you are flying F.

    Whilst I am sure the benefit is valuable to those who drop down to silver or even out of BAEC altogether, I agree, if you are going to retain Gold year in year out it is of no value.

    This year I am meant to get Lifetime Plat, with SPG, but with the changes between SPG and Marriott, who knows…

    I do like the idea of Lifetime status, if nothing else, it allows people to try the other providers without constantly being on a status achievement level…

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 59 total)
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