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    I will be travelling from Heathrow this week on BA on a flight departing from T3 in the afternoon, and will be keen to know which lounges you think I should try out.

    My apologies if this has been discussed before! I am BA silver and travelling Club Europe (using avios, I would not actually pay for “Club” Europe now with their new seating, which I might have done before, and only going C as there were no Y seats).

    I will want some food, decent apron views and quiet as will need to do some work before travelling.

    I have used the BA lounge before, which I actually like, but which other lounges could I use, and which ones would you suggest are worthy of trying out?

    Cathay, JAL and American I think will be options there, but maybe there are other options, and what would you rate in order..?

    Any feedback, suggestions insight etc would be very much appreciated!



    @sparkyflyer – you could try all three/four.

    If you do, please let me know who serves the best whisky… :))



    My of preference
    1. Cathay
    2. BA
    3. AA
    But all three are better than anything in T5



    Ha ha Martyn

    But If I was to sample the whisky offerings, may not be conducive to the mentioned work I intend to do, and start the holiday with an almighty hangover!

    Champagne maybe..

    Thank you Steptoe.. We all know some airlines don’t really like letting passengers from the other airlines in their lounges, even if in the alliance, do you think CX will give some resistance?

    Also do RJ have a lounge, or do they use the other Oneworld options?



    Please don’t tell me you are flying all the way to LUX sparky?!!



    Sadly not Icenspice..But where will your travels take you? San Jose next year..?



    Hopefully Lisbon for Assumption sparky! I have completely gone off longhaul and you could spend a lifetime exploring Europe.

    Have a gréât trop!

    I’m afraid I have never been to a louange in T3, so zéro help there but with a BA Silver you Will be warmly welcomed in all.

    Bestest regards



    Early last year when Silver, I was warmly welcomed into the T3 CX lounge, no dramas. Sadly, I had just left the AA lounge, or rather ,holding pen, which was dire! The CX lounge gets very busy so the larger BA lounge may be better at certain times, if you can avoid all the EK pax. Moving between the two is no problem.



    CX are known to try and recommend travellers to go elsewhere, but just be a little firm.

    There is a bizarre situation where CX is AY’s “preferred” lounge, but if you are on an AY operated plane with a BA ticketed (i.e. marketed) number, CX oft try and send you to BA’s lounge.

    Obviously knowing the OneWorld Access rules is helpful and playing this card means they will let you in without a problem.



    Sparkflyer, never has any issues using the CX lounge on a BA ticket, they don’t seem to mind.



    Thank you all for your contributions.

    But right now I am just fortunate that I am not going from Terminal 5, with all the baggage issues there, and thinking of the agro and stress the passengers and staff will be going through.



    If you need good internet for work; the AA lounge are generally very quick. It was staggeringly fast in April (at least in the flagship) so i tested it and it was over 50mb/s at the time.



    Referring to previous discussions re the Emirates Lounge closing for refurbishment I’d rather pay to use the Servsair lounge that BA.



    Yes sparkflyer
    I flew to AMS on Tuesday, I am currently in the 1st lounge at T5, waiting for my Manchester connection and still have no baggage.
    Apparently its landed in schipol and they are going to deliver it to my home address, but its going to take time
    Happy days ????

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