LHR T5 – Galleries North or South?

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    This weekend I am flying BA longhaul, in all likelihood for the last time. I don’t know either of above lounges and was just wondering which one to head for? It’s an early morning flight.

    Many thanks.


    South! Most definately!


    I like South best also, but have never tried the B gates lounge. I’m travelling to Vancouver next week so was thinking of just heading down there. Good move? Quieter? Same food, comfort and views for a geek like me who will be on my flightradar24?


    alexpo1, Definitely south. I find the north one often too busy and I like to have a quiet seat in one of the corners in the south lounge after some food.
    The B gate is actually not bad if you are departing from there – it has less food but is often more quiet and relaxing. If i have enough time and i am departing from B then i tend to eat in the south and head for a walk and some quiet time in the B gate. Hope you have a good flight and are off to somewhere nice 🙂


    alexpo, without doubt the South lounge,,,,,,,North is cramped and probably fool of people who don’t know the south lounge exists….aka me, the first time I used it.

    Speedbird, also has a point, head down to the lounge at the gate and give yourself enough time to have a final beverage…saves a final rush with the train.


    In my experience, the B gate lounge is better than South (I haven’t tried North). I find it a lot quieter and calmer.


    if you are flying from B or C then head over sooner rather than later – B lounge is quiet and much more relaxing – all the facilities but quieter – definately place to chill before a long flight – i usually fly from T3 but T5B definately worth a stop


    Thanks! That’s my mind made up then. So are there runway views in B? Told you, geek!!

    Unanimous then…thanks.

    No doubt my flight will depart from B or C. I have never been to the B lounge…sounds good.

    I will make sure at check-in.

    Just say a little prayer that I don’t sleep in!!!


    What annoys me somewhat (which I think Ive raised before here with no joy), is why its not possible to know what gate your flight is departing from until you go through security and choose north or south?

    Ive lost count of how many times I’ve tossed a coin, gone to a lounge only to be told ‘ooh, you probably want to go to the other as the gate is going to be x’ . Is there no way of getting the gate prior to seeing the lounge staff? For me, both lounges are fine I just want to be nearest the gate!!!


    Alexpo, out of curiosity why your last BA long haul?

    Good evening MrMichael

    An amicable divorce after 33 years.

    BA doesn’t work for me and I feel much more at home flying foreign carriers.


    I will be in the south lounge on Saturday am.

    I wish I was there for lunch (after 12 noon), the salmon fish cakes are just superb….


    Alexpo, just to mention in case you haven’t worked it out already, that there is no lounge at T5C, BUT if you go to the Starbucks there and show your BP they will hand over champers or wine to the value of (if memory serves) 15 quid. Quite handy. Last time through there I got a couple of quarter-bottles of white which I shoved in my hand luggage and enjoyed in my hotel at the other end!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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