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    I’ll soon be within 155 tier points to Gold status, with my renew date fast approaching. I need to fly from LHR-DXB, but as I have to book for work I need to book an economy seat for around £360 RT. I think this should net me 70 TP.

    Question: How can I get this trip to net me what I need? Can I do it in a cost effective manner? A Premium Economy seat should be around £700 RT. What fare class is this and would it net me 140 or 160 TP? Is it cheaper to buy the Premium Economy seat up front, or would a paid upgrade from Economy be the same/less/more £££? (so I can properly expense and not raise eyebrows)

    Your help is appreciated.

    EDIT: I cannot reply for 24 hours after I create an account. :/

    MartynSinclair – Thanks for that link. It never seems to work for me…until…

    AnthonyDunn – You seemed to fix the problem. When I log in, the calculator works! So I can clearly calculate Tier points in PE.

    So the question now is do I buy the standard ticket and upgrade afterwards, or buy the PE ticket outright?

    My company does allow upgraded tickets on flights over 10 hours.

    EDIT2: I am happy to pay the upgrade personally, that’s not an issue. The question is I can only easily expense an Economy ticket without questions. If I book Premium Economy up front, I’ll have to ask for half expensing and it gets complicated. I am worried if I buy an Economy ticket, then immediately upgrade with money (all through ba.com) that BA will charge me more than the standard PE price. Potentially much more and reducing the cost-effectiveness of this trip. I want to get Gold, but I don’t want to spend £1000.



    Here’s a link for you. Sadly the calculator you need, doesn’t seem to be working (today)..



    From the BA Avios calculator (NB: I had to log into my BAEC account to get it to work) PE will give you 90TPs each way so more than enough. The issue then is either can you swing the upgrade as an expense or are you prepared to pay the extra yourself for a gold card.

    Otherwise, what kind of outfit has you fly long-haul in economy for work and then expects you to be bright and fresh immediately upon arrival?



    not sure the question here? Do you not just want to upgrade to PE on your existing booking and pay the increased cost?
    Did a travel agent do the booking as it may not be upgradable pre flight only @ airport depending on availability and offers (typically i have seen DXb upgrade around £170.00 one way)

    Equally the flight isn’t over 10 hours i presume you know this so you may not be able to expense but have to open your own wallet.


    A Premium Economy return should get you 90 Tier Points each way to Dubai. Depending on availability you might be able to get a cheap upgrade offer at check in – but then if flight is busy this may not be possible. (If you know flights I could can get a rough idea of how busy they are) Other option is to try and get a T Class one way and an H Class the other which is 160 points in total (but might actually cost more than a Premium return!!). H Class return is 140 points return (which is still economy) but this is £1067 – so way more than a cheap premium provided you fulfill criteria for cheap Premium return and there is availability.


    There are many companies who only allow economy flights to Dubai (including CEO’s / MD’s etc). If you fly out the day before the meeting there isn’t really a jet lag issue on Dubai. If overnight and straight into a meeting then I’d argue that might be a bit harsh – but the reality for many SME businesses is that is all they will allow (or invest on travel) for any level of staff member. But that is off point and a different discussion (if going in for a key sales meeting then I think that is nuts – I’ve had people go much further in economy and go straight into sales meetings having travelled economy for 15 hours plus). It is not unusual at all.


    @ TimFitzgeraldTC – 08/10/2014 12:27 GMT

    I have clearly spent too much time investigating and gaming airline pricing systems for the benefit of my “senior management” who works for a multi-national miner whose rule is five hours plus for business class….


    Hi Anthony

    I have a couple of clients for whom 5 hours plus is Business – same as for you by the sounds of things. But with the companies I look after 90% plus don’t have that policy. But with SME’s it is often Business when appropriate and the schedule demands it, or being funded by there client – but in many cases travel of over 5 hours is Economy – or Premium. When I worked at Amex, a colleague travelling back from Miami had to get director approval as at the time he was not senior enough. Business was for 8:30 or more and the Virgin flight was 8:25. So had to go through multiple layers of sign off! Crazy. I heard after 9/11 many organizations in London & New York changed Business Travel entitlement to be just longer than a LON-NYC flight.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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