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    I’ve been waiting for something comparable to the torrent of abuse that was poured on BA when a strike seemed likely.

    Has anyone had flights cancelled and can report on how LH are dealing with the problem?


    I’m booked to fly business class next Monday (first day of the strike) LCY-FRA-CPT and am awaiting their re-booking policy which will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

    I understand in past strikes LH have been willing to re-book even on non-Star airlines. If so then I’ve lots of options from out of LHR, if not…I’ll be one unhappy passenger.

    Fingers crossed…..


    MichelAngelo – you are right, hardly any air-time given to the LH strike.

    Perhaps a BA strike generates more hot air and angst because this is an english-language forum and most of the posters are therefore probably UK-based (not all, I know, but I suspect most).

    It also perhaps shows that those posting probably use BA a lot more and even maybe because they still care about them.


    Hello All,

    I’ve just been to Warsaw on Swiss from BHX via Zurich in Business Class. Pretty chaotic already last night at ZRH – people using the same Airport hotel as myself last night had suffered LH flight cancellations (a person flying BHX – FRA – Stuttgart last night, and getting rerouted BHX-FRA-ZRH was one example), so it seems as if action may actually have started early.

    Also, at BHX on Friday LH seemed to be in a bit of a state with delays and a FRA cancellation, if I recall correctly. I don’t know if that was weather-related, although all other flights were running fine by then.

    A wry comment from the Swiss captain on the ZRH-BHX flight this morning (operated by Helvetic):

    “I am sorry that the cabin temperature is not yet fully under control” (This was at 05.45 UK time) “but at least we are not on strike!”

    I found this even more amusing, given who LX’s ultimate owners are….

    I would add that ZRH seemed to be running fine this morning, with no noticeable knock-on from the LH action. Having said that, I was using the non-Schengen B pier, whereas LH would be using other parts of the airport, so perhaps I’m not the best judge of this.


    PS Cedric – I’m not sure that our regular contributor Hess would totally agree with you!!!


    I have enjoyed hearing all about Mr & Mrs Rowberry’s weekend in Warsaw on Swiss via Zurich in Business Class.

    I met Mollie Sugden on several occasions, you know.


    Beaujolais Nouveau,

    Yet more insensitivity off this Forum’s village idiot. Well done, BN.

    1. Sorry I didn’t travel BA.

    2. Glad you met Molly Sugden. It must’ve been nice for you to speak with someone who was on a higher intellectual plane.

    Go back to pulling wings of butterflies and making racist comments, you sad person.


    Oh yes, BN.

    One further point – I was trying to help MichelAngelo by actually answering his query.

    My, my. My comments about you elsewhere must really have hit home if I actually elicited a response from you. You usually go silent, having stirred things up.

    Yes. You can be so cheap and tasteless. Just like Beaujolais Nouveau.


    Well said Simon !!

    Don’t need more than that — otherwise that person needs really help !



    And Lufthansa services now, slowly, returning to normal:


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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