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    Maybe a Cabin Crew poster can answer this question: what happens to all the leftover food (especially in premium cabins) after a typical long haul flight? Or have airlines perfected the art of minimising wastage?


    According to airliners dot net aviation-forums, Many airlines over-cater international premium cabins to ensure that all customers receive their first choice of meal. While crew meals are generally provisioned separately, sometimes cabin and flight crew will eat leftover pax meals if they wish.
    As CODC10 stated above, some airlines cater entree choices at 125% or even 150% to ensure each passenger gets his/her first choice of meal.

    Some airlines, like AA, don’t have crew meals for flight attendants. At Delta, where we have crew meals, anyone is welcome to entrees after the service as this prevents wastage (food and garbage must be destroyed when arriving in to most, if not all, international stations).


    When I worked for an airline as Station Manager in Cape Town, all excess food had to be destroyed. This was tragic as within a 10 mile radius of the airport there were thousands of people living in poverty and without adequate water supplies, let alone food. Unfortunately the regulation was imposed by customs and although they turned a blind eye to the odd bits and pieces there was no way we could have brought in entire meal packs.

    Edit : There was one dirty old man in customs whom we ‘bribed’ with copies of Manchete, a Brasilian magazine which was pretty tame in reality but in those days in SA the closest you saw to a white woman’s breasts in a magazine was a black strip or stars, whereas this showed full frontal. Of course you could buy picture postcards of naked tribal dancers with bare breasts but that was not considered as ‘depraved’ because white men wouldn’t be interested in black women according to the thinking of those days!


    Food is indeed dumped as is all the open wine ( except during transit stops) The spirits can be used again but often these too go down the drain. Shameful waste.

    I have on more than occasion witnessed ground staff strip breakfast items rom inbound arrivals to LHR but I rather think they are taking a bit of a risk.


    @ capetonianm

    It certainly puts things in perspective and is the reason why I started this thread.

    Such complete waste when many are struggling to survive on $1 a day.


    In First, I OFTEN realized caviar portions being small and saw
    – attendants taking tins of caviar and putting it in their handbaggage
    – eating caviar out of the tins, in real portions

    Entrees etc. are often eaten by staff, which is fine with me. Wines: sometimes got a bottle. Spirits: Once on LH I got an opened Kirsch (extremely expensive at 100€/half bottle) and onc e an open bottle of Hennessy Paradis on Thai Airways. Mmmmh!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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