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  • wishbone

    Was stupid enough to leave my bag on the heathrow express, left the train under pressure of a tight connection at Paddington and left it in the overhead storage
    Going to contact both heathrow and paddington lost property tomorrow.
    What are the chances of seeing it again?


    Who knows. I have lost stuff on the train before and got it back.

    I believe all lost property winds up at Heathrow end.


    They do check the Heathrow Express trains after arrival into Paddington before they’re dispatched again so I’d be surprised if it hadn’t been handed into lost property. I only know that because a couple of years ago I fell asleep on the train after a red eye flight and was woken up by the guy doing the check.

    Good luck with it!



    I left an ipad on there when arriving at heathrow and only discovered this when going through security. Ran back to the Hex desk in the departure hall and asked and within about 10 mins someone brought it up from the train for me as had obviously been found during the check they do before letting passengers on at heathrow.

    Hope you get it back.


    On the basis that most people are honest most of the time, I believe you will get it back. I certainly hope so. You will hear plenty of stories of the goodness and honesty of people.

    A couple of years ago, late on a Sunday afternoon, I went into one of those Pumpkin Cafes that they have at UK railway stations. It was either York or Newcastle. Having had tea and a cake there I paid as they were closing, and left with my suitcase, and was sitting on the platform waiting for my onward connection. Then a young man walked over to me with my shoulder bag containing documents, passport, money, credit cards …. etc. He was the Polish chap from Pumpkin, he had found my bag as he cleared up, and decided to take a walk round to see if he could find me, which fortunately he did. I offered him £20 which he only took after considerable persuasion. You can imagine how grateful I was.

    I hope you have an equally happy outcome.


    Thanks for the replies
    Called heathrow lost property today, with no luck. Will try again tomorrow, but not now holding out much hope.
    Unfortunately, paddington no longer has a lost property call line.
    I like to think the best in people, and my best guess is a fellow passenger found it and handed it in to someone at Paddington, and it is sitting somewhere there.
    Bag contained my works PC, so not really an issue and more importantly, my passport.
    On the bright side next week is my first week of the year when I do not need to travel overseas, so I have next week to gain a replacement.

    I know it’s a long shot but if anyone is at Paddington tomorrow can you ask if a black Samsung rucksack has been handed in. It has a gold BA gold card on. Inside is a Lenovo PC, one of the old blue club world bags, with all my power adaptors in, a pair of blue glasses and in the red zip in the back Will be my passport.

    Many thanks

    Tom Otley

    Worth registering it on http://www.lostproperty.org

    Left Baggage Office
    Platform 12
    Paddington Station
    Praed Street, London W2 1HS
    Tel: +44 (0) 207 262 0344
    Website: http://www.lostproperty.org
    Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 07:00 to 23:00


    0207 313 1514

    Any good?


    if anyone is at Paddington tomorrow can you ask if a black Samsung rucksack has been handed in

    “Proof of identity, mate?”
    “I’m enquiring on behalf of a third party?”
    “I can’t tell you nuffin without written authority ….GDPR you know.”
    “I’m not asking you to give it to me, just to tell me if you might have it here.”
    “Nah mate, can’t do that, more than me jobsworff.”

    Of course if you ‘phone, you could be anybody, but jobsworffs aren’t programmed to think.


    Thanks Tom
    Used the phone number and unbelievabley they have it at Paddington, am picking up later this week.
    Many many thanks to everyone for the comments

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    Excellent result, very glad to hear that.

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    Greetings Capetonianm.
    Speaking as a former jobsworff, having started my working life selling tickets on a main line railway station, I have happy memories of being treated as an inferior species. It never bothered me or my colleagues. Our view was always that it didn’t matter how shoddily someone spoke to you, the vast majority of people are nice and our job was always be pleasant and polite to the next customer no matter how we had just been treated.
    Of the jobsworffs I worked with, several are no longer with us, several retired after many years of polite and professional service, one is still happily selling tickets having declined promotion on many occasions, one is an International Marketing Director, one founded and owns a chain of gyms (he has a very nice Aston Martin), several are senior managers in various organisations and then there’s me.
    My dad also sold tickets for a living. I remember, as a small boy, him coming home having had a cigarette stubbed out on his hand – and that was at a fairly posh Cheshire station. He always taught me to be polite to both customers and front-line staff who dealt with us and I pride myself on doing that.
    I learned more from my dad, as a jobsworff and from my other jobsworff colleagues than any course I have been on since.

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    RCinBelper : There is nothing wrong with your post, per se, and you make a number of very valid points, but I’m sorry that you suffer from sense of humour failure.

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