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  • SwissExPat

    Last week I flew from LCY with a departure time of just after 1800. On arrival into LCY at approx. 1645 via the DLR, the queue for security was literally right out to the Costa coffee shop in the DLR station. I noted that PAX that had checked in bags were then redirected out of the airport to join the queue which started in the DLR station!!

    In fairness to the staff, the queue moved quite quickly and I was airside in approx. 35 minutes.

    Is this a regular occurrence?


    n fairness to the staff, the queue moved quite quickly and I was airside in approx. 35 minutes.

    35 minutes !!

    I’d have thought that anything over 15 minutes is unacceptable and probably breaks their own SLA’s

    I went through Dublin last week, notoriously bad for their queues and managed to have a well poured pint of Guinness within 7 minutes of joining the original queue.


    Having become a very regular commuter through LCY to/from Rotterdam since the Spring19, we’ve noticed just how arbitrary LCY security can be. It would appear that things slow down dramatically when they are in/around CAA sy inspection mode when almost anything can be pulled out of a bag for rescanning. Then the insistence on a full list with doctor’s signature of all drugs we were taking to/from. With the volume of business travellers carrying laptops, battery packs, iPads and any amount of electrical equipment, this is constantly being pulled out.

    We learned pretty quickly that anything remotely resembling a cream, liquid, gel or pharmaceutical had to go in checked baggage if we were not forever being pulled over and having everything pulled out and rescanned. That made life a lot simpler.

    Mind you, excellent lost property service when Snr Mgt mislaid her wide brimmed hat somewhere between check-in and security.


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    Don’t even think of taking Marmite through LCY security…WW3!


    And one young female assistant didn’t understand the difference between a stick deodorant and roll on so wasted everybody’s time taking out my stick deodorant and putting it through security again. Pretty basic stuff!


    Don’t even think of taking Marmite through LCY security…WW3!

    I fully agree that any reference to Marmite on a polite forum like this should be reported as inappropriate. Vile stuff…….

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    Also as a regular through LCY, it just seems that the check in areas and also the Security, has simply not kept up at all with the increased flights. This can also be on a Saturday morning even.
    On return waiting for checked in bags, can also be up to 40 minutes and the 2 carousels have not increased either.
    Parking space is also running out, and the limited entry point from one road, can become completely blocked at times.
    There are simply not enough gates for the aircraft they are bringing in, and often a delay aircraft can be sitting aside the runway. Bearing in mind, there is not a complete taxi way alongside the runway!
    Whilst i appreciate much is being built at LCY, expansion should not have been made to this level, when the current structure is so unable to cope.
    It is simply allowing too many flights and passengers, whilst the current infrastructure is unable to cope.

    For such a small airport, i find the general state of the bathrooms there as completely filthy, in disrepair, broken, and most should be scrapped in the poor state they are in.
    On Health grounds alone, they would not meet minimum standards for such an airport. They are consistently, the dirtiest and most broken faulted bathrooms of any airport i have seen in Europe.
    Management need to look at this urgently, and provide more facilities, and take away the wasted retail stores.


    A station on the Elizabeth Line, a short walk away, would also be valuable.
    Mind you, they are talking about a new platform on the north side of the DLR line for passengers to the airport who have already checked in.

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