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    Almost exactly forty five years after my first flight with BD, I’ve just completed my last ones over the weekend when Mrs LPPS and I spent a few days in Berlin mixing business with pleasure.

    On Friday 27th we flew out in the afternoon. The experience was a mixed bag. We arrived at LHR about ninety minutes before departure with two bags to drop, we had already printed our boarding passes.

    At the premium check in in T1 we approached an agent at a desk where no one was waiting, passing over our passports and boarding cards as we greeted her. She tagged our bags and handed our documents back without saying a word and turned back to talk to a colleague ignoring us saying thank you. The bags were tagged and did arrive so I suppose we should be content but her attitude left everything to be desired.

    Departure was delayed, supposedly because of the late arrival of the incoming aircraft which according to information on the LH site and LHR site arrived twenty minutes early! No idea why it was delayed but we left LHR about an hour late. The lounge was OK, nothing different to usual.

    On boarding we were greeted by the purser who was called Nicky, as soon as I saw her I knew we were in for an excellent flight, diamonds were definitely glittering! I overheard several people express surprise that they were on a BD aircraft rather than an LH one and equally, I heard Nicky reassure people that drinks and snacks were included, such is the common perception of BD that people do not know what they are getting as they board.

    There were twelve people in the C cabin and she worked hard to serve afternoon tea (why is BD afternoon tea so pleasant in comparison to BA?) drinks and making sure everything was topped up. She was just one of those crew who typify all that was good about BD, she just went the extra mile on autopilot.

    The return today was less impressive, check in with LH was fine and very swift and we were spoken to unlike at LHR. The LH lounge was fine. On boarding I knew we were going to have a flight that was acceptable but no more. I won’t name the purser but disinterest was written all over his face. There were five people in the C cabin, three of who went to sleep immediatey after take off so he only had Mrs LPPS and I to see to.

    We were offered lunch and when Mrs LPPS enquired what the choices were she was told ‘a chicken thing or a cheese thing’. We both had ‘the chicken thing’ which was actually a very nice chicken dish cooked with peppers and potatoes. I presume it had a name. Glasses were topped up on request. The quality of the food was good, the standard of service a complete let down. I couldn’t help but think this purser will fit in well with many BA crews.

    Arrival was early and as I recorded elsewhere we made it out of the airport in what for LHR was record time.

    Overall the food offering on BD was way ahead of either Sh*te Cuisine on BA or Being Invited on LH. Both could learn a great deal from the BD offering but I doubt they will. Interesting though that it is so good when they are operating for LH rather than running a codeshare.

    So, in one weekend, I’ve had my last flight on BD after regular use over forty five years and my last journey to and from TXL, a regular destination over the last twenty four years. I’ll miss both, I’m sure BER will be very smart and efficient but it won’t beat TXL no matter how hard they try!

    Last BD experiences anyone?


    I visit Dublin regularly from Bangkok, via LHR and have always, over the past fifteen years, tried to fly BD since they joined Star Alliance. I probably make about 15 round trips a year from DUB-LHR (500 miles per sector) but now that BMI is leaving Star Alliance I won’t bother to fly them again.

    There is no Star Alliance carrier now on the DUB-LHR route so I guess I shall just go for the cheapest flights on Aer Lingus.

    I flew my last flight on BMI yesterday…BD128 to LHR and, although flying in Economy, i was seated in 5C which turned out to be a Business Class seat, of the larger variety…not just the usual economy “3-in-a-row” with the middle seat free….very nice it was too!!

    Nice way to sign off as a passenger with BMI…..but sad to see them leave the Alliance.


    I am glad I am one of the many thousands of happy Diamond Service passengers…Glad that in my lifetime such service existed.

    I feel so bad for BD staff going into a nameless and emotionless organisation like BA……


    Skyguy – how can BA be “nameless”? You’ve just named it.. That said, I think all of us will miss the “old” Diamond Service. British Midland was a great airline in its day.

    James, I think you have pretty much summarised the problem which BMI had/has. Paying Y class and flying in a full business class seat doesn’t add up. Nevertheless, the demise of the airline is sad.


    By nameless I mean that BA is a giant compared to BD where you’d get to know the crew if you flew regularly.

    I remember boarding at Manchester once and the boarding music was Tell Me Lies by The Carpenters…..feel so sad about BD’s demise ( I know I keep going on about it, but I am 🙁 .. )


    LPPS – I noticed that you flew with BD from LHR to TXL.

    But will this be your last opportunity to fly with BD ? I ask, because according to, the LH service to Berlin will be operated throughout the summer with an Airbus which LH will continue to lease from BD.

    So who will staff the BD plane, I wonder ? Will it still fly in BD livery ?


    BD will continue to operate the service for LH until the end of the summer timetable in October, LH will take over the route with the start of the winter timetable. The plane is in BD livery and one of them has grey seats while the others have brown. They are all the seats LH had on shorthaul before the advent of NEK.

    I know I won’t be going back to Berlin this year, further meetings are scheduled for London or Rome until January 2013 and as Mrs LPPS has had a fix of Berlin over the weekend there is no reason to return while BD are still operating the route so as far as I am concerned, it was my last BD flight as I really can’t see another on the horizon.

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