Labour to Add 2p to a Litre of Fuel from 1 September 2009

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    While saddling generations with a mountain of debt in a desperate attempt to bribe struggling voters in May’s General Election, Gordon Brown plans another backdoor tax rise to attempt, unsuccessfully, to pay for it all.

    A 2p rise on each litre of petrol from 1 September is on the cards.

    Make sure you fill your gas guzzler of choice this weekend!


    Do we need these political statements and commentary here?


    Krug (Vintagekrug) what’s this got to do with business travel?

    This forum is turning into your mouthpiece. Give it a rest buddy, you know what happens when you step over the line from you FT days.


    I agree this is not a business travel topic. A more appropriate subject would be British Airway’s high fuel charges, which are just an excuse for raising prices. Why aren’t you attacking them?


    This is especially relevant to those people who use their car for business trips; the mileage costs you can claim back from HMRC will not change with this tax increase.

    Another reminder to fill up this weekend, before the tax rise comes into place on Tuesday!


    Why is it so wrong to share your views on a forum on the internet?

    If you don’t like what being said, then thats fine – just read another post. Don’t spoil it for people who may find other peoples post useful – even if you don’t!


    I agree with those who say that political statements are inappropriate for this Forum. I’ve taken this up in response to VK’s comments before. This is supposed to be a business travel forum, not a sounding board for David Cameron’s political acolytes, or Brown’s or whoever runs the Lib Dems, SNP and UKIP either.

    The Forum has become incredibly personal and unpleasant over the last few months, and VK has been as much to blame as anyone. Indeed, this has led to him being called a ‘twat’ by others – it’s very sad that such language is used here, even if VK does expose himself to such criticism.

    The Forum has helped me enormously recently, and postees have given me extremely helpful advice. Let’s not spoil it by airing political views and getting personal with each other.

    I have a theory about VK anyway. I don’t think he’s a high-flying business executive, but actually works as a check-in clerk at LHR for BA (thus his inside information on BA). Also, ‘he’ is actually a woman. Only a theory, and it’s not intended to be personal (remember irony, anyone?), but when he came totally out of left field a few weeks ago with a pretty offensive response to a post, someone said it must be VK’s ‘wrong time of the month.’ Many a true word spoken in jest?

    Please, let’s keep politics and abuse about of this Forum from now on – and that includes you, VK, who/whatever you really are.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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