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    This was my first long haul trip form DFW to Incheon International… the lady at the Korean Air check in was very kind and answered every question I had, being a teenager flying out of the country alone I was a bit worried…

    Boarding the flight was very organized since they created lines on what seats and what class you were in and allowed familes to board first so they have plenty of time to situate themselves before the rest boarded. When you arrive to your seats the compartment above is equipped with a blanket, bottled water,headphones (i preferred my own, since after you wear them for a while they hurt your ears) and a pouch with slippers, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Also in your seat is a pillow for those who weren’t smart enough to bring neck pillows.

    The seats were comfortable for sleeping and reclined. The entertainment was fantastic, you had such a wide selection of recent movies released, famous movies (Like Harry Potter), and old black and white movies (Great Gatsby)… you also had music selection…. The service is great…

    The flight attendants are very kind, come around often with FREE snacks, hot towels, and drinks (juice, water, alcohol, ect)… They want you to be comfortable and enjoy your flight… they kept the plane relatively cold, so you will most definately use your very comfy blanket that they provided you with.

    My flights have been smooth with not a lot of turbulance like I have experienced with other flights… The food was pretty nice for airplane food, I made the mistake taking the American meal, which wasn’t all that tasty, except the salad and the bread was good. So if you are ever ride with Korean Air take the Korean meal… It’s delicious bibimbap (rice, meat, and veggies with hot bean paste (the amount is your choice) not to mention you are eating this deliciousness in the FREAKING AIR… so it makes it so much cooler…

    The flight attendants kept the plane dark for a long part of my 13 hour flight, because like I said before they want you comftorable and to enjoy the flight… and they want you to be able to sleep… though I didn’t sleep because I was too busy watching the awesome movie selection they had right before my eyes….

    At the end they all line up near the emergency exits and plane exits and say thank you in English and Korean (ps be kind and say thank you back, they worked hard to make your flight a good one)

    Overall, it was a great flight and I HIGHLY recommend if you ever have the chance to fly with Korean Air, you will surely be satisfied.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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