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    I flew KLM to Lima in September. My partner and I checked in at LHR and the two bags were checked in under my name. One arrivived not the other and so it was repeated for 20 or so other passengers none Dutch or French – all those got their bags and left the airport.

    My travel agent told me later on route to the hotel that KLM is famous for not carrying all the bags in the months of April to October. The 777 is incapble of making the long flight fully loaded. In the old days the MD11 stopped in Bonaire in both directions. If KLM is aware of this why does it not have a techical stop somewhere on route?

    Answer cost!

    KLM cannot give the payload details as this are not available for the flight I was on- a lame excuse but it can tell me that it KLM DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE BAGS WILL BE ON THE SAME FLIGHT AS THE PASSENGER. See terms and conditions.

    Thanks KLM – never again will I fly you, when knowingly you are aware that the 777 is not siuted at certain times of the year. But heh! why bother telling the fare paying passengers! We just pay !!!!!!!!


    Tis KLM policy is simply dishonest. Until they can guarantee that my bags will travel on the same flight as the passenger I will use other carriers. If the lift capacity is inadequate for the route KLM has an ethical obligation not to dispatch flights that exceed the aircraft’s non-stop capabilities.I will also not book flights on other Groupe Air France affiliates until the company comes clean.


    overrated airline pathetic service and rude staff had the same problem @athens bags never showed


    This is not uncommon among the less scrupulous operators. In calculating the load factor good operators make with up with cargo, the balance left after providing for passengers and baggage; the less scrupulous do it the other way around. The quicker the cargo gets to its destination then the quicker the operator is paid. Passengers have paid in advance and can thus be safely ignored!


    Been flying KLM for 12 yrs. Average 30+ flights a yr.
    Never had luggage go astray on long haul, or when i (Mostly) fly to Europe, Via a connection in Amsterdam. Though i have made some S. American flights too. I fly with them WBC back from Singapore to AMS, then onto LCY, tomrw eve, so we shall see…

    Generally, Its Air France that own/manage KLM really now & the Dutch influence is sadly, greatly diminished, & Customer Relations, etc FFP is much worse under AF. They indeed are cantankerous, arguamentative, unhelpful on contact in any respect with them, & i Won’t fly with them.
    Unfortunately, as KLM staff always sadly say quietly now, this is the AF style & they regret it but have little say now.
    On AF, I have had baggage delayed, missing, even crow barred open & items stolen, but depends on the security at the countries concerned.

    Since AF took over KLM, the Dutch staff have much less to running the airline, & the Flying Blue is the same.
    The Dutch naturally are brisk & efficient, but genuine and honest in terms of the staff & crew. I havent ever seen them rude.
    Schipol is the renowned & voted for, best run airport in Europe, most pleasant, & low key for travel stress. KLM own the Holideck at T4 LHR lounge one of the most panoramic on 3 floors, best in LHR! It will be getting better now Skyteam have taken over T4. This is real Dutch Management…

    No doubt Airlines are having to maximise profits just now, to stay afloat, with Business travel frozen worldwide.
    Its the large groups in Europe like LH & KLM/AF that will be the most secure.

    Its true KLM maximise the freight capacity on many long haul routes, & why they run 747 combis’ still on some into Asia eg BKK.
    They raise average up to 5 times total passenger revenue with cargo, so in some ways they are subsidising us. Also in-direct flights now are common, as airlines fight for customers.
    KLM run Muscat flights via Kuwait, Jakarta flights via KL, AUH flights via Bahrain etc. Its the only way, by combining routes that they keep the flights viable. Same to Dutch Antillies…

    Lets hope they look after their customer base better than you have experienced, like all Airlines need to in the current climate. Even SQ, Qantas, Thai have cut some routes by 1/3rd, as freight demands also are drying up!
    Perhaps it has more to do with LHR?


    Smooth Journey with KLM from SIN – AMS on sunday 22nd Feb, bags checked through to LCY (now operated by Citjet /AF, on behalf of VLM…very confusing…!)
    Bags through no problems, crew were great on board the 13hr flight, on the 772.
    Interestingly, there was only one WBC seat free on the whole aircraft, all economy were compoletely full. Took a walk down to see what they have done with seating also, & they have added & put 9 seats across.
    I Like KLM in Europe or for medium halu, but NOT in economy on 777 aircraft with 9-10 seats across, its too cramped.
    Other airlines remain with 777 aircraft with 7-8 seats across like Etihad. This means i’d choose a different airline to fly Long haul, than KLM in economy.
    However, they certyainly appear to be able to fill their aircraft very well on most flights i take (EU mostly -34 fights last yr).


    KLM never again! Once too many. The seat is not flat and the old business cclass seat was better.


    Best stick to BMI when flying to Lima then!

    KLM appear be doing very well on LHR-Ams routes, I fly every 2 weeks & they are always pretty chocker, & on several EU & international flights recently.
    Not the best C class admittedly, I wouldnt choose their 777 eceonomy with the extra seat added across either now, but its a solid airline, great staff, & very Dutch in its service provision. Direct , to the point, genuinely presented. Its certainly the choice for many Scandanavians & Southern Europeas to connect Via Amsterdam, 80% of KLM’s business relying on this transit to international flights.

    Flown them for 15 yrs, & they surpass most on Ground services, the most efficient at T4 LHR, as they employ their own for other airlines to use also.

    Hard times, but they have one of the best loyalty in the EU along with Lufthansa, & will remain strong, with their fleet renewals really clear. Try finding a new 737-7/8/900 at LHR with any other airline!


    No thanks. having flown many years with KLM and as a platinum member I have given up after my flight from SIn to AMS a few years ago. The srvice and food as bad… and I finished using my miles to LIma. I have to agree with others with the Air France combination its all to french. The good old days of the Dutch KLM is long gone. RAM uses 737/700 on the routes to LHR, but I would recomend them after having flown them to Liberaville, a few years ago.


    a airline that still flies the md 11 with hardly any leg room in economy,hardly any customer service,leaves your suitcases in amsterdam for my flight to athens and it comes the next day,boxed breakfast,a stale granola bar and is interested in delaying your flights from amsterdam to give that cash cow airport shopping more $ for those over priced items


    I have to agree with you Jimmy9. Its an overrated airline. In any case what’s the point of flying business class in Europe. There is hardly any space. All they do is move the curtain up and down the aisle.

    Say bye bye to KLM!


    I recently used KLM for a trip to the UK – Malaysia Airlines from Penang to KL and then KLM from KL to the UK via Amsterdam. My bag was checked through from Penang to the UK without any problem. On the way back however it could only be checked through as far as KL – no proper explanation has been provided despite two emails.

    After more than 5 hours between flights in Amsterdam, I arrived at KL but my luggage didn’t. By the time I had made a report, I was too late for my connecting flight to Penang. This was just before Chinese New Year and there were no seats available on later flights that day or the next so I ended up having to take a 6 hour taxi ride home.
    The bag had been left behind in Amsterdam “due to a misconnection” according to KLM. They refuse any responsibility and refer me to the General Conditions of Carriage – the Carrier may decided for operating or security/safety reasons to send baggage separately. There was no decision to send my baggage separately. Somebody simply forgot about it.

    KLM has delayed my baggage twice before on long haul flights via Amsterdam. I wouldn’t recommend the airline to anyone.


    Its about time the travelling public say NO to KLM!


    Just out of interest, while waiting for an LHR connection at Schipol last month I saw a baggage train, about 4 trucks, set off round the taxi way and take a corner which no self respecting biker would do without a knee down. About 4 or 5 cases and bags toppled off. Train continued. About 5 mins later lorry appears, bod jumps out, kicks foresaid to the kerb and goes on. About 10 mins later still, no.2 lorry arrives, bod2 slings them aboard and drives off. Some people were very disappointed when they reached their destination I should say.

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