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  • MarcusGB

    KLM started adding in their new Embraer 190’s as they arrived each month in February 17.
    Currently they have 4-5 of these great new aircraft weekdays, replacing the Cityjet Avro jets.
    They are extremely popular and run at a very high if not 100% occupancy, and interestingly many leisure travellers connecting to Long haul flights with KLM.

    Looking ahead it seems they plan to take the whole route back, as in December they run 7 flights a day each way, with only 1 Cityjet aircraft. Running under the brand of KLM CityHopper, they are a lower cost model, but far more pleasant an aircraft, and very spacious seats at 34″inches for their Economy Comfort areas. They do have a Business class, that can vary (One Cabin Supervisor told me Saturday), from 1 row of 4 seats, to 4 rows of 16 seats.
    Business Class passengers, again mostly those travelling Intercontinental and for leisure, are give an excellent Marcel Wanders European meal box, used on all KLM Business CLass European routes. Very good for only a 40 minute flight!

    It means an opportunity to fly Long Haul with KLM now Ex UK from LCY with an economy or Business class ticket, available on KLM.com

    Prices remain from around £90 return in Economy to Amsterdam, so this long awaited change, and upgrade from the old Avro get flights, mean Cityjet have little presence these days at LCY, and it will become less. Good to see a new flight around 13.30hrs in each direction, filling in the majority of flights mornings until 10am, and after 5pm.
    It means the Avro will be even less present at LCY as Cityjet has cut routes, and KLM replaced them with their own aircraft.

    The take up has been fast, and highly profitable for KLM, when LHR traffic has been decreasing, with smaller aircraft, LCY is going great.
    Congratulations KLM, a win win for all!


    One snag with KL out of LCY in Business Class….no lounge. You have to wait in that awful, stuffy, packed terminal with all the drunken stag and hen parties!


    No Airline has a lounge at LCY, apart from a buy in new “First” for £95.

    In 8 years flying out of LCY, i have never seen “Drunken Stag and hen Parties” – perhaps you flew from Southend?!
    You clearly have not been there recenty or often!
    Armed Police are Airside at all times, so any such behaviour would be dealt with and not be allowed. A friend who is a Senior Officer there, previously stated this is not an issue for his officers.

    Queues to check in for KLM can be 30 minutes if not in a Priority catagory line.
    The terminal is too crowded, but then the new owners think unused retailers, and overpriced restaurants that are barely used, take more than 40 minutes to produce hot food, are more important than seating.
    The £48 per 12 hours for car parking is a rip off.
    The toilets are filthy most of the time, in a very poor state of repair, and 2 belt baggage area overcrowded, with not enough ground crew outside also.
    Baggage can be 30 minutes to arrive these days.
    The new levels at the gates give some, but not enough seating.
    So, yes LCY Owners and their strategy is of profit and not service first.
    It is also true that it is a greater use now of Leisure passengers travelling not only to Europe but Intercontinental destinations, make up the majority of customers. Very few are funded for Business fares, so they travel economy. Most of these, are carried now by KLM

    The Airlines with the new Embraers and Bombadier aircraft are given greater comfort on board, though some Airlines still run very old or prop aircraft.


    Thanks for the update, Marcus.

    Since our last report on KL’s LCY-AMS service it would appear clear KL intends to take over the route completely.

    KLM provides another boost to London City-Amsterdam route

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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