KLM; Euros 999 Ret. Biz to Dutch Antillies

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    Found an amazing offer covers August and Sept, for E999 return on the 747 New World Business Class cabins!
    Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St Maartens…


    On the Netherlands website, can get your return to and from UK for £100.
    Amazing offer, ONLY on the Dutch site.
    A nice weeks holiday and chance to try the new KLM cabins and its features


    Marcus, thanks for the heads up.

    Be aware that most KLM flights to the Caribbean are on A330 aircraft. Only a few operate on B747. Nevertheless, a truly amazing offer.


    Great biz fares also available to Bali until dec 16… 1800 return!


    It is quite remarkable, with the usual lower Z class miles also earned.

    It is true that KLM have lessened capacity on the Dutch Antilles routes, but of course with KLM Business Class, you choose your seat at booking with no charge.
    The 747 runs to St Maarten, then onto Curacao, some coming back it is a few hours longer, but i thought i would try the upper and lower deck as the new Configurations are all completed on the 747 fleet now. Very interested to see how they reflect compared the the best up to there the 773’s.


    Marcus, I am very much looking forward to an in depth trip report on the new B747 KLM Business Class. I haven’t seen it on this BT forum yet.
    So, can we count on you for this?


    I would be happy to do this. Certainly the Etihad First were well received reviews for the Australia route, which i will be doing again in a few months.
    I again checked the flight, and took some research on the seats in the upstairs cabins and lower deck.
    I decided to go for the single traveller seat 1A on the lower deck in the nose, for privacy, and the two seaters you would still have to climb over your fellow traveller upstairs and down.
    So its 1A there and back.

    And of course, there are the famous landings just over the beach of KLM aircraft there, worth filming from the nose front 3 windows!




    Hello Edski777

    In fact there was a KLM new business class report last April on seatplans.com



    Alex, thanks. An interesting contribution from ViajeroUK.

    Marcus, if you are travelling to St Maarten/St Martin enjoy the landing an take-off. Spectacular as ever.
    If you stay at SXM take a flight to the neighboring island of Saba. 15 minute flying time but an even more exciting landing and take off. Definitely not for the faint hearted.
    The same goes for a flight to/from St Barts.

    Saba: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RU_fk6zNmc
    St Barts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PTzJE8l9BE



    Hi Edski

    Lovely tip i shall look into that.
    Many thanks.


    Thanks for this tip – booked a nice weekend trip on the 747 to Curacao!


    Ah thats good, someone else got a good deal also. It was quite unusual, but 1/3rd of their normal price. So, we can get a few KLM new 747 Business reviews between us it seems.
    Have a great trip.


    I recently posted a review of AMS-SFO on a KLM 747 in business, and it was exellent. I was trying to get my act together for a trip to St Maarten or Curacao but didn’t manage as the dates were too limited. Very envious of those of you who managed it – please when these types of deals appear, it is much appreciated posting them on this site for others to take advantage of.


    I took up this offer a couple of weeks for a long weekend in Curacao and flew on the main deck in the nose of the 747-400 in seats 2J and 2K.
    Quick review here:
    Lounge at Schipol was large and full of people at 7am on a Friday morning. There was limited food on offer – bread, cheese and pastries. It was perfectly adequate.
    Boarding was very chaotic and the fast track queues did not seem to apply. The security check is at the gate so I had to remember to be there on time.
    The cabin is nice and bright and the new interior by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is great. The seats are extremely comfortable in all positions. There was however a fair amount of rubbish down the side of the seats which had not been picked up by the cleaning crew. On the return flight I used my hot towel to clean down the sides of the seat and the armrests which had liquids spilled over them. There are three solo seats in the cabin but otherwise it is a 2 x 2 configuration, so you have to be prepared to climb over your neighbour during the flight. A very good point is there are two toilets for the 14 J class passengers.
    The cabin crew were great throughout the whole of the flight. I did not ring my bell at all so cannot let you know how quick they might be to respond, but generally the service was excellent. There is only one member of crew to serve the 14 passengers in the nose of the 747, with a bit of help from the purser.
    The meal service (breakfast on departure and lunch before landing) and wines were excellent. There were three standard choices of main course for the lunch offering. The new tableware by Marcel Wanders is very well designed and adds character to the flight, although you do have to like a Delft pattern.
    For a very well priced holiday flight in business class this was great. The new design interventions are all excellent, the service was good, but this does not seem to be a new generation of business class.
    It was a shame about the chaotic boarding and the dirt and rubbish on board.
    Thanks again to this forum for the tip about the great price. Curacao was worth the trip too, although it’s not your typical Caribbean Island.

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