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    KLM AMS – EZE 777-300 new seating (business class)

    Customer service:
    As mentioned elsewhere on the forum, I had to call KLM to ask them whether they could swap flight of origin from LHR to AMS, basically NOT taking a flight with them, this was a problem for them and I had to get to Heathrow from Nice. At least they answered the call in less than 40 minutes, so a solitary point for this, but nothing else for giving me incorrect information and not solving the problem with any level of thought or care.

    Lounge LHR
    Not bad, plenty of space, good selection of drinks and the food wasn’t bad too, wifi was straightforward and not a bad speed. Somewhat ironically, the flight from LHR was delayed, badly, meaning I would have missed my 21:00 flight, so I spoke with the lounge team at T4 who swapped me onto a “later” flight (which was now earlier than the delayed one) to get me to AMS earlier. Air France from NCE -> LHR had lost my luggage so it was manageable, great service from the lounge staff. I don’t know what else one could ask of a lounge, I didn’t note if there were showers etc, but used the restrooms and they were fine.

    Lounge AMS
    Again, as above with less helpful staff in the first instance when I asked for an update on my bag, after a bit of forceful – “I’m sure you can do it” the other member of staff on the desks stepped in and located my bag. Food was ok, cava was nice and lots and lots of seating. It wasn’t overly busy and there were two cleaners always on clearing tables, wifi was easy to use and high speed.

    Boarding AMS
    I was quite late to the gate and all premium passengers had boarded, huge line for economy, I waltzed to the front and straight on, no problems. Upon boarding I enquired if I needed special glasses for my seat in 3D – took her a minute but it eventually sunk in. Not showed to my seat, nor shown how anything works.

    So, no direct aisle access unless you choose the middle seats, is a 2/2/2 config, and the seat is not the best design with the tunnel for your feet / ankles. The hullabaloo KLM made of their new fabrics etc, is pretty fair, the cabin does look nice and fresh, however, I found the seat isn’t particularly private in seating mode, it is reasonably comfortable though other than the foot tunnel thing and I found it lacking in space at the shoulder department. If you are travelling with someone, I am sure it is ok at the window side, but if like me you are on your own, you have to select seats in the centre to avoid being climbed over, or to be the climber overer. I’ve re-scored the seat (from 5 to 8) as I managed a really good sleep! So whilst not the most spacious, or private, it is comfortable in bed position.

    A relatively small static screen, but picture quality and selection are both good. Has a little hand held touch screen controller which works well. Not watched anything as yet as been listening to music, KLM branded noise-cancelling headphones supplied but I’m using my own Bose set.

    One of my pet peeves when you’re paying a premium to fly up front is drinks and how slow the crew seem to be at serving, and sadly, KLM fall into the slow category. I cannot believe it takes so long for them to replenish a glass. Waited ages after take off for a glass of champagne, then had an empty glass for some time, in fact, I’ve typed this report to this point drinkless. Food is now being served and I’ve had the sum of a welcome drink when I boarded.

    I had a starter of pea soup which was excellent with a warm roll, a main of lamb which was awful and a dessert of cheese which was the smallest cheese & biscuits portion I’ve eaten – even a mouse would have asked for seconds. (Two small lumps, one pack of biscuits no fruit or spread). The wine which accompanied was ok, I had an Austrian white with starter, a couple of Rioja’s with main, some port to round off and a whisky in place of coffee. Wonder why I slept so well?
    3/10 (for the soup and wine)

    We all know someone who has been in a job too long and inflicts their misery on everyone they interact with right? Yes, sadly the lady on my side of the cabin has zero interpersonal skills, is moderately grumpy and doesn’t respond well to requests. The lady on the other side seems a little cheerier, and is faster with the drinks, my neighbour’s glass was replenished whilst I waited an eternity.

    My friendly Travel Councellor got me a fare for £1600.00, which I have to say is great value, I’ve not flown to South America for any less than £2K, so a great fare. I’m flying back with AF on the Dreamliner, be interesting to have a back-to-back comparison.

    Overall verdict

    KLM are getting it half right in their premium cabin and much of the low points come from that old chestnut – the crew. I understand that getting served quickly may not be a big deal to some, and it wouldn’t influence decisions in flying with airline A over airline B. I’d certainly use KLM again on this route, would choose a similar seat and save a lot of money on the excellent value fare, the score could/should quite easily be higher with a happier and more efficient member of the crew. Maybe if I’d had my neighbours seat with the more friendly crew member this report would be a whole lot better.



    Great report. Very annoying when the f&b is lacking but great you had a good sleep as that’s the most important thing for me flying long haul.

    Dreamliner on AF? You may be in for a surprise… 😉


    Great review, but like FivestarFred, not sure AF has the Dreamliner.


    Thanks for the review AOTG. I’m surprised to hear the cabin crew weren’t top notch. I’ve always found them to be the most happy and sociable cabin crew ever – albeit off the aircraft and in a hotel bar or by a swimming pool somewhere!

    COMPLETELY OT tho kind of related to KLM – there is an AMAZING steal at the moment. SFO – IST return on KL. Business Class. £756 return. Availability is limited but dates available up until end of march. On kayak.co.uk and use the +/-3 day function for best chances at finding availability. The fare does not work the other way around originating in IST unfortunately.


    Indeed, is not the Dreamliner as I’d thought, but a refurbished 777 – 200 with 1-2-1 configuration from GRU to CDG.



    KLM are continuously making efforts to improve, even in these limited times of cash flow, the fleet having been almost completely replaced in the last 8 years. Fokker 70’s are now being replaced last, worth the Embraer 175’s.
    The last 773’s are being completed by the end of the year, with all 747’s completed and 772’s. The new flat bed seats are great with a good private space, though the cabins not much of a change i have found. Having flown the Dreamliner 789’s of KLM, these are simply excellent, 1-2-1, and the single seating offers a private space, and unless you are 6 ft 4+, you do not see above your own space. they have a very different feel in the Business cabin, improved lighting, space, storage, and all the benefits of the Dreamliner features. KLM currently have 5, and are building to a fleet of over 20.
    They currently in my view, have the best fleets of aircraft of any European Airline.

    Air France is completely different sadly, even though they are the same AF / KLM group, they retain the qualities of the Duitch and French! They are completely different experiences.

    They currently cover Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rio, and i found today also will start for Kuala Lumpur for some of the 10 flights a week they now have.

    With regard to fares, starting from Amsterdam fares to BKK in World Business Class start from Euros 1,719, all destinations in South America for less than 2,000 Euros.


    I have just booked (the 3 month in advance 60% off fares in WBC), LHR-AMS (stopovers) – Singapore, returning from Kuala Lumpur on The Dreamliner, again stopping in AMS, for £1643 return. This is superb for an Open Jaw, and stopovers in Amsterdam both ways.

    Every KLM Business Class flight Ex Amsterdam i book, i save £500+ compared to LHR, leaving the Government to grab their “leaving the Island Taxes” from others and not me. KLM have excellent Business Class fares from Amsterdam permanently, and these with new Aircraft, and the new seats and cabins. One of the best choices in Europe, and the best fares, ex the most popular Airport of Schiphol.

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