Joon – the new airline from Air France

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  • canucklad

    Cheers to MartynSinclair,
    The realization that I’ve turned into a grumpy old man almost made me choke on my G&T .
    Normally quite a happy chappy.
    I’m now of to play football and socialize later in the evening with a face longer than tomorrow’s also ran at Ascot….Cheers again Martyn. : )

    I wonder if the senior AF management team who will oversee this venture ,entrust its total day to day running to the millennial generation?

    Or will they play safe and seek out the hippest of the hip in their existing grumpy old men team ……chin,chin for the weekend everybody.


    Is AF so naive to think that millenials will be loyal to Joon when they could buy a cheaper ticket with EZY, FR, HOP and still ignore requests to take off headphones, etc.

    If this happened here in the UK, there would be shouts of ageism and it would never get off the ground (sorry!). What about an airline for the older generation. GOP – Grumpy Old People. In the way that Norwegian decorate their aircraft tails, GOP Airways could bear pictures of older noteworthy people. First one to be Victor Meldrew.


    Clearly dreamt up and marketed by much older non-mellenial stuffy managers who don’t even understand the term! The livery screams that for starters and the uniform? Ugh!

    One thing they need to know about millennials is that they have a very short attention span!


    Air France pilots’ union says “In French the word ‘Joon’ means nothing, aviation specialists and press are laughing with the name.”


    I am not sure how the letter ‘J’ at the beginning of a word in French is pronounced, but if it’s as an ‘H’, it would have negative connotations in Australia and New Zealand where it means someone who does idiotic things in a car, a bit like the average French kid driving a hotted up Renault Clio.

    Otherwise I suppose it’s pronounced as an English speaker would pronounce ‘June’. Either way, it’s pretty stupid.


    More like ‘schooon’, I’d guess.

    Anayway, it lends itself to a catchy strapline.

    You have to be a loon, to choose Joon


    Just looked it up. It’s from the Persian and means “Dear” or “Darling”. Depending on how it’s used it can also mean life or “Hottie”!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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