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    When I dropped my bag at the airline counter, the officer asked: “Are you traveling to Soviet Union?” I said: “I didn’t know that I would be traveling with time machine.”



    Maybe it was funny at the time 😉



    hk_brian It is bizarre that there is still airline staff using the term “Soviet Union”. What airport did you depart from and what airline were you taking?



    hk_brian, were you travelling to Moscow with Ryanair? You know they say its Moscow but actually they land you in the Soviet Union. Thats just how far away Ryanair can actually land you from your intended destination 😉

    Made me smile.



    Thinking more about it, your should have said “no, I am just connecting to a flight for Czechoslovakia”.




    Sorry. Don’t get it???



    LP, are you serious? It’s light hearted humour?
    hk_brian was asked if he is travelling to the Soviet Union? Which ceased its existence in around 1991 (I think), hence his light joke, “am I travelling by time machine”
    I added about Ryanair, to suggest that they manage to get you so far from where you want to be by actually going back in time? ha ha ha.
    You know Ryanair? They tell you they are going to Manchester but land you in Liverpool, having paid the airport to change its name to “Manchester West”.
    My additional comment about the connecting flight was rhetorical humour as Czechoslovakia also ceased its existence in around 1992/93

    I think the slight comedy value is lost when such a debrief is needed. Never mind.

    Hey ho, nice try hk_brian.



    😉 😉 😉
    Sorry. Got it. Been a long day. Bumped into an old friend in Monte Carlo and finished a bottle with him. Then off to dinner and now trying to get to sleep as I’ve an early start tomorrow.

    I did get your one though TravelWise.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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