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  • openfly

    Jet2 UK TV adverts saying that “no credit card charges on flight bookings”.
    Let’s hope that other airlines are shamed into following suit.
    Well done Jet2….


    I agree Openfly. I’ve always thought this charge to be quite iniquitous the more so if you’re paying an already high fare. Since about the only way to pay is with a cc then it should be in the ticket price and not an extra.

    What is crazier, when booking ex Milan, there is no charge, but if I book ex Switzerland where the fares are (much) higher, there is a charge! As our colonial cousins would say “go figure”?


    Monarch also recently scrapped cc fees.


    It’s clever PR. Easy for LCCs to increase certain price tiers by a few pounds. Nobody will notice.

    Monarch scraps credit card fees

    Another report says VS has also scrapped the charges.


    Lets hope other airlines scrap it. Mind you, our friends at BA will announce ” by customer feedback we are removing our unpopular cc charges and adding a flat cc fee of £100 per person per sector” to cover any credit card charges!!!!
    Me, cynical?!


    @alex – “It’s clever PR. Easy for LCCs to increase certain price tiers by a few pounds. Nobody will notice”

    The same argument could be made with seat costs…. not all pax pay for seats so the price increase would not need to be severe for the seat revenue to maintained, but the PR would be equally clever..


    Well done Monarch and Jet2.
    If I’m not mistaken BA actually charges per passenger, not per booking which is even worse more shameful.


    I remember years ago in the UK when I owned some petrol stations as part of a property company I bought, we too used to charge a premium for using a credit card (it was common then to do so) and then legislation was introduced to stop it happening. We just put the price of the fuel up a few pence per gallon and everyone paid the CC costs in the end. No such thing as ‘free’ in business.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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