Japan Airlines Fails its customers

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  • stephen

    On friday May 13th, i was to fly from JFK to HND and connect to TPE, , I am a One World Emerald member and loyal Jal customer, on this day your inbound flight to JFK, was delayed 2 hours, and therefore i would have missed the only connection that day, when notified by my Travel agent in Taiwan of this, he told me that the office in Taipei offered one solution, take the flight and stay overnight in the general area of the Haneda airport, is this the way you take care of your full fare first class passengers, especially ones who have a physical disability, not only do i find this absurd, but unbelievable that an airline like JAL would throw your highest revenue customers around like this, there was a simple alternative, endorse the ticket to ANA, and it would have gotten you points in the court of public opinion, instead your team in Taipei was rude to my travel agent , and ultimately insulting to me, I was forced to buy two new tickets costing me close to 15,000 USD to get me home, another insult, I may not have accumulated miles on your metal, but i have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your metal over the years for my family and I.

    I expect JAL to reimburse me for the cost difference for the JAL portion and the AA and ANA flights, as i am going to send a copy of this information to One World, but as in other forums I was told they do not care, however I did send this to IATA, and anyone else i can on how you treated your first class passengers but also one with physical disability expecting them to sleep on the floor, I would suggest that this is taken care of before it goes to far and there is no way for JAL to save FACE, as i sit in your Lounge today at Haneda, you have delayed the same inbound flight to JFK for the same reason, waiting for connecting passengers, this is JAL’s choice, not a mechanical issue, weather related, they chose to take care of connecting passengers on the Japan side and not on the USA inbound side so this is no one off case, you are doing this with no respect for your passengers, shame on you as an airline, I have lost all respect for the airline, and will in the future put my family, and business on Star Alliance member ANA, as my 5 million status on American shows how serious I was to your airline and others, I expect an answer sooner than later, but assume JAL will bury its head on this matter,


    That sounds like very poor service to me. I really understand your frustration.

    I personally vote with my feet when airlines or hotels let me down.


    Hate to burst your wee bubble mate but you are aware that there are hardly any schedules between Tokyo and Taipei (certainly none that I can find from HND) and there would have been no way that I can see from your described schedule which would have permitted you to connect on the day if your JFK was indeed delayed. The ANA flight from JFK would also have landed much later and neither carrier operated a flight to TPE that you could have connected with.

    So suggest you stop taking it so personally and perhaps understand that the advice given to your agent may have been the best advice going???

    PS, Did you just set up your account 3 hours ago for the sake of this little outburst????

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    Frustration abounds at times with airlines.
    Surely you could afford a hotel room if your splashing out $15K on airline tickets?
    Your disability has nothing to do with the delay.
    A little OTT on the drama.

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    There are quite a few discrepancies with your story. “Endorse the ticket to ANA” – you mean you’d rather JL put you on NH than spend the night in HND? I don’t think it was such a terrible idea to spend the night in Tokyo, unless your disability prevented you from being mobile. Even if JL moved you to NH, was it possible to connect?

    I don’t think your travel agent did a very good job if they couldn’t get you to your ultimate destination. That is their role: to fix these issues.

    If you did miss your JL connection, you should have been entitled to a refund.

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    The pt is that they delayed the inbound flight for connections to JFK there is only one same say day coonection connection on JAL per week to TPE the routing back made me fly to LAX then LAX to TPE on AA and ANA Jal refused to endorse anything which should have been there first responsibility

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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