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  • MarcusGB

    I landed off the Garuda flight ex LHR 1st May 2017, the first operational day for International use, into a huge brand new Terminal 3, and departed a few days later for a domestic Garuda flight.


    Garuda Airlines have this Terminal currently exclusive for themselves. They had just started their International flights that day, with Other Skyteam Airlines joining them later during May. Their Domestic flights have been using the Terminal for a month.
    It is vast & very long so bare in mind should you be transiting, or using this. It is really quite beautiful in design,spacious, fully functioning, as all new Terminals start off.

    Arriving Internationally about 5pm, involved a long walk of about 15 minutes to the Immigration area, some allocated clearly for Business or “Sky Priority” flyers. Baggage Hall was new but very quiet, Business/ First and Sky Priority Travelers, go to a simple lounge. There, you can sit, take a quick juice or hot drink, having given your baggage tags to a Garuda staff member who went to collect your bags for you. Mine arrived within 5 minutes!
    Exiting was easy, via Customs, and taxi areas easily found on the arrivals public side.

    Departing – I went through Domestic Departures a few days later…
    Simple Departure entrance floor, with check in areas, security and Immigration, some outside shops and usual airport services and retailers.
    Skyteam Priority or Business passengers had a quick and clearly marked lane.
    You proceed through and down to Lounges (Lounges a half way in-between floor) and retailers, and the gates floor below this.

    International flights have a separate walled off area, to the domestic side. Though the gates are next to each other, there is no Public access between at the gate levels it seemed. The Garuda Domestic Lounge was housed on this half level, looking over the gate area below and further outwards. Great open views of the gates and aircraft, runway.

    Much use of glass and metal structure in the whole Terminal made it feel very open as you enter, and of the other lower Airside, and of aircraft gates runways and operations. The ceiling is very high, remaining the same no matter what level you are on, feels very spacious and lots of passenger space, toilets regularly as you walk along, and seating at each gate.

    As i was travelling out again within Indonesia a few days later, I have gone through the Domestic system. But it all sits alongside the partitioned off International part of the terminal.
    I only found “Top End Brand” stores, all with no passengers in them, no ATMs, No Money changing facilities, pharmacies or everyday stores you might expect, so be aware if you need to access these, do so Before you go through Security. Too many cafes and eating options, half were completely empty and staff heads rested on tables! This was a normal day of Garuda domestic flights, so perhaps this is too large for Garuda Only?

    I presume the structure is the same for International departures, but with greater and different facilities, which i will experience in a few days.

    There are no increased road links from the City of Jakarta, until you arrive at the airport where you turn off to T3 . It took 1.5 hours by taxi from the City to Airport, many people arriving later than usual i was told by Check-in in Staff. Allow plenty of time if in Central Jakarta to the Airport, especially if you travel Internationally on Garuda from T3.

    Very pleasant, everyone very helpful, welcoming, happy, and appear to be enjoying working in the new Terminal. Although i flew in at 5pm, Garuda’s International flights are spaced through all times of the day, there is no peak period. (The flight to London leaves at 07.45!)
    I would assume the new Terminal will be really tested as The Skyteam flights start to use it, KLM, Air France, and with Many Asian Partner Airlines. This will be a vast increase in flights, when it will be tested to the full.

    However i found it very pleasant, relaxing everything was working, very clean and a beautiful building. This Phased use is very wise, Domestic Garuda flights for the month, then International Garuda, and then Skyteam to come. Pity the transport options still feed into the congested roads into Jakarta, but at the airport i would assume this will make it more pleasant for all passengers at all Terminals when the aircraft are spread out.
    Great news for Skyteam also, having exclusive use of this, Asia’s brand new Terminal at a Major Hub.


    Thanks for the detailed check – MarcusGB.

    One would hope the airport would hurry up and strengthen its runway which is preventing Garuda from operating most/all of its B777-300ER flights non-stop from Jakarta to Amsterdam/London.

    Garuda unveils provisional London-Jakarta non-stop schedules


    good news MarcusGB, thanks for the detailed information. I have a KLM flight into Jakarta early October so hopefully that will be into the new terminal, domestic with Garuda the following day. Guess some of the newness will have worn off by then but should still be a good experience, something to look forward to.


    I am sure judging by the amount of cleaning being done, it will be in pretty good a state for a long time.

    Alex, yes, indeed the runway issue is a problem. Flying out on Garuda all was pretty excellent, with superb ground services as well as on board. But my flight is 18 hrs back with the refuel stop in Singapore.
    this makes it un-appealing, especially leaving at 07.44 meaning a through the night departure from a Jakarta hotel!
    With the costs, and time it would take to upgrade the runway, i do not think this is a likely possibility in the near future.

    The KLM flight via KUL, but allows passengers on and off, leaving late eve so an almost Midnight departure from KUL.

    Garuda are generally also more expensive ex LHR, but from time to time have Internet sales.
    This Business I class fare, was purchased with the Black Friday offers, so an excellent £1150 return in their Business Suites.
    At the same time, flights to Melbourne were £1,250!
    Miles earned are 125% at this fare, but higher classes earn 150%, First 200%, for your Skyteam membership.
    At the time of departure, 1st Class was less than Business at £1,200 one way!
    fares are stated each way usually.
    Worth watching, and a big thanks to BT for putting up the sale, so we could take advantage.


    Flew into the new Terminal again today, from a Domestic Island flight. Plane arrived at an International stand, so we had to walk off and onto the Tarmac, a minibus there for Business passengers (although a 738!), and whisked us to an entrance for Domestic arrivals.
    In the Luggage area, there is a small lounge for baggage collection ( a big help to the frail or travelers with many bags), but in front a Dedicated “Sky Priority Baggage belt!

    ALL bags under this system, arrive here regardless of Origin!
    Some excellent Airport technology and system in place there.


    I lived in Jakarta for 3 years and suffered the inadequacies of the old airport for all that time! Marcus the biggest problem was immigration both in and out on International trips, the need to buy a visa ( I had a multi entry) but if you missed the need to buy being sent back when the queue was long and slow. What is that like now in the new terminal, I was there when they broke ground with the terminal but I have not been to Jakarta for about 2 years now?

    If they can get it right, and with Garuda getting their act together it certainly is an alternative (until you hit the traffic to the city and then remember why you chose to not fly here anymore!)


    Hi K1.

    No Visa required ex UK, and immigration was instant when i arrived, with Sky Priority dedicated Lane.
    I lived in Australia some years ago, and Garuda’s reputation was dire, many stops to Europe, and seen as The Students route, with old Aircraft, dubious safety, and dreadful landings. I experienced this once with a dreadful Landing on DPS, on an old 747, when the lockers all opened as we bounced 3 times, skidded to stop, about 100 metres from the end of the runway – diagonally.
    This is simply a different Airline!

    Domestically from Jakarta to the islands on 738’s, the business class is a quiet 3 row cabin, old style business seats, and affords many facilities on the ground. The LHR-CGK flight was excellent, superb food with a chef on board, and many more crew than other Airlines, and anticipating your needs, very pleasant.
    Unsure at to the flight back, with the stop in SIN for refueling, making it from a 14.5 hr flight, to 17.5hrs scheduled.
    But the fares really do vary, and it takes some searching to find a good rate, with 3 rates for Business class. Unless you find these better rates, KLM have returns for ex Amsterdam (Permanent buy in advance “Z” fares), from Euros 1,750, or from £1,650 ex LHR via AMS on KLM.
    Leaving Ex Amsterdam is also an option paying in Euros.

    Jakarta traffic must be one of the worst in Asia to the airport, with no improvements made, so allowing 1.5-2 hrs Drive, is not unexpected.


    Hi Marcus, thanks for that information, I am based in Singapore so the routing back to the UK wouldn’t take me via CGK however the routing from here to there which has always been the domain of SQ with about 9 flights a day now takes on a different meaning if the flights are going into the new terminal ….

    Hope you’re routing back is painless…. K


    Marcus – I well remember those days when Garuda was renowned as the cheapest airline flying between Europe and Australia. The flights were multi-stop with the overall trip taking in excess of 30 hours. In those days Garuda operated from a number of European cities whereas today, of course, it flies only from London and Amsterdam.


    I was a few days ago, leaving CGK for LHR Departing Jakarta v early for 07.50 flight returning to LHR, with this SIN stop Only on the return. Alex i am aware of the runways it is in bad condition,Un-certified for this weight and aircraft. uneven taking arriving into CGK, the engines and breaks were quite hard with the runway, everything vibrating, moving calling onto the floor runways flooded either side and Yet the 773-ER flights to Amsterdam, run non stop. Many at the baggage carousel showed connecting passenger waiting for connecting flights in SIN!, so Garuda make much from this, the weight for the aircraft. I think this is an excuse as same aircraft to Amsterdam do not

    Yes Alex- me also, It was the “Bus Service ” to Australia for students, backpackers etc, old aircraft, but they are so way above this level with a 5 % star Airline from 2016, and now a brand new Terminal 3 for their currently Garuda their International hub! the key. they offer

    Skyteam Airlines will also move in soon, so essentially this will be available to Skyteam travellers.


    In the case of Jakarta-Amsterdam, Marcus, some Garuda flights operate non-stop but some stop in Singapore for refuelling. It all depends on the day of the week. The non-stop flights are shown as taking some 14 hrs 10 mins with the one-stoppers scheduled for around 16 hrs 25 mins.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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