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  • transtraxman

    Now that it is clear the European Commission will not permit the new Italian start-up airline, ITA, any favours…..
    “European Commission finds new air carrier ITA is not Alitalia’s economic successor and Italy’s capital injections into ITA are market conform”, ( 10-09-21)

    European Commission finds new air carrier ITA is not Alitalia’s economic successor and Italy’s capital injections into ITA are market conform

    …….however, that does not mean that ITA will not attempt to squeeze some advantages out of the Italian government, especially as the new national flag carrier will start at a considerable disadvantage.
    “ITA Facing Uphill Battle to Start Operations”, (Airways Magazine, 09-09-21)

    ITA Facing Uphill Battle to Start Operations

    On the assumption that Heathrow will climb back into prominence and be in demand by airlines then ITA will desire slots to serve its two principal cities of Rome and Milan. However, the remains of Alitalia which are up for sale do not include slots as there are none. Alitalia has been using slots rented from Etihad to whom it sold them in 2017. But Etihad has no desire to renew the agreement which expires on 31st October, so ITA will be left with no Heathrow slots to bid for – unless it can obtain them elsewhere and has the money for their purchase. The alternative will come down to Gatwick or Stansted as has been the case in the past.
    “London Slots:Another Hurdle on ITA´s Path”, (Airways Magazine, 12-09-21)

    London Slots: Another Hurdle on ITA’s Path

    Before the opening of the new third runway at Heathrow (still a long way off) ITA could well be banished from the airport. There are lots of airlines waiting in line for slots. So, will a deal be struck between the two governments to let ITA into Heathrow? (maybe using underused BA slots?).

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    Why does anyone care.
    This IS ALITALIA, just by a different name.
    Perhaps many here on this forum do not know that the present ALITALIA (that will close in October) is not even the ALITALIA from before.
    This one I believe is called Alitalia CAi and was formed when Airone took them over (or so say publicly) in the last Govt underhand buy-out.
    I believe and the facts are out there to check for me, that the various forms of ALITALIA have lost money in all but 2 of its years of operations.
    It is a complete loss making outfit subsidised by the Italian Govt (read taxpayer) from Rome as most, maybe more than 90% of the employees ARE from Rome.

    I have described here and elsewhere that unlike in UK for example with BA if you wish to gain employment with them, then you will be forced to relocate/or take accommodation closer to where they want you.
    Not in Italy, as few Romans will move to ‘cold and foggy with inedible food’ Venezia, or ‘cold and snowy’ Torino where they eat sparrows and polenta, or ‘humid and rainy, where they eat only veal’ Milano etc etc etc. Therefore, as I have explained here several times before, on the penultimate flight to all out stations in Italy whether it be Bari, Brindisi, Genova or Verona they are carrying another complete crew in full uniform as they are being paid for this duty, and they are for the next day’s early morning return flight back to Rome. All those crew members will be paid their minimum hours and will stay that night in a 5* hotel with dinner (as ALL Italians eat dinner at 8pm) all at tremendous expense to the operation and which makes no economic sense whatsoever.

    This is just one instance of the intransigence of ALITALIA employees and the new ITA staff will be the same people, supported by the same powerful unions.

    Nothing will change and within 5 years yet another merger/buy-out/debt cull will be announced and the circle will continue ‘ad infinitum’……………

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