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  • LuganoPirate

    Visit the Aviation Herald website, to see records of accidents/incidents with all types of passenger aircraft. For anyone not familiar, comments are invited on each event page. Most are very knowledgeable; others are amateurs who should keep quiet. Makes interesting reading though!

    Absolutely, a great website and I send Simon a small contribution each year. I also paid for and downloaded the app.
    However, if you’re really nervous about flying it’s maybe best not too look at it!

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    I no it’s incredibly simplistic, but actually simple solutions tend to be the best…..

    The airliners that we are pampered on, are basically supped up Cessna’s

    In their wisdom Airbus and now Boeing have shifted the skill of pilots from “aviator “ to “software analyst “

    in much the same way as drivers are becoming increasingly frustrated with modern cars and their seemingly unrelated trivial issues stopping you simply driving your car from A to B .

    Wouldn’t you just love a switch that turns the computer off and reverts to its fundamental mechanics allowing you to simply drive.

    Problem of course with simply driving a plane is that is more risky and prone to fault than a computer system that may at times have issues.

    The key for modern professional aviators is understanding the systems that fly their plane and what to do if there are issues with those systems. This of course is one of the keys with the 737Max issue. The MCAS system was basically kept secret from the pilots and so too processes to counter any failure.

    The other difference between the A330 and the 737Max issues that have been discussed here is the system that controlled the A330 is totally integral to the operation of the aircraft owing to the A330 being fully fly by wire. The MCAS system on the other hand is basically a standalone bolt on system designed to counter a design limitation in the 737Max causes by the Max basically exceeding the design limitations of the model. In otherworldly attempting to get it to do something it probably shouldn’t be doing. And of course making it fly like the 737NG family so that pilots didn’t need any major training.

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    Can someone please explain to me what the issue is with the Rolls Royce engines on the 787, and why this issue is still a problem for so many carriers? What is the problem, and why can’t Rolls Royce find a fix for this.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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