Is there such a thing as a bad First Class ?

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    Looking at the fare one would be to be Lord/Lady of the cabin, you would expect the service to be flawless from reservation to transfer to checkin to onboard service to landing and further transfer ?

    All the above and below should tick the boxes right ?

    Cabin Crew Attitude
    Cabin Cleanliness
    Food and Drink offering
    Chauffeur Drive (where offered)
    Priority Check in and Baggage Handling
    Text alerts

    But does anyone have nightmare stories of First Class ?

    The stage is yours !


    AirBorne -what have you started???


    AirBorne – you remember when you wrote you were new here and you hoped not to “get any abuse etc .” I think you’ve just made the bullet, so stand back ……;-) 🙂

    Imissconcorde – Popcorn at the ready! :-)))


    Looking at this review posted on this site recently, it seems you can have a bad First Class:-


    I guess I have become accustomed to reading gore so wanna hear First Class horror stories !

    From grumpy grandma Hosties to inedible food to more gore !

    hahahah !

    Pappilion, I am sure I will for sure be abused now !


    Yes laddie you will, if you refer to we gorgeous, mature, experienced women as “grumpy grandmas”!!! And what is wrong with being a gorgeous, mature, experienced grandma anyway? Not all of us are grumpies!

    But seriously, I do know what you mean – of course, I can bash them head on with my grumpy grandma handbag – metaphorically speaking of course I hasten to add! LOL!


    “But does anyone have nightmare stories of First Class ?”

    I don’t know if one would have a nightmare in F, I guess that it depends on your definition of the word.

    IMHO, a valid F experience is smooth from when you get to the airport (and before, if a chauffeur car is provided) to when you exit the airport or the chauffeur car drops you off.

    All of the items on your list should be excellent (and some of the best cabin crew I’ve encountered have been in their 50s/60s.)

    Anything less than smooth/excellent and I’d regard it as disappointing.

    One of the most disappointing F flights I has was with Swiss in 2007, when the cabin crew insisted on announcing each dish in a 5-6 course menu in a loud voice to those eating, when most of us were trying to sleep at 0230 – gauche/indiscreet service and most unlike Swiss.


    The answer must be ‘yes’. It is all based on expectations. I’m not fussed if I have to make my own way from the aircraft door to my First Class seat, but some passengers ‘need’ to be escorted.

    There were the Qantas first class passengers who allegedly asked to be offloaded in LA, as the airline did not have the correct size of pyjamas for them prior to the aircraft commencing it’s journey.

    ‘The joys of travel’.


    Good post Bullfrog. I would expect to be escorted to an F seat, so that the cabin crew could establish if I had previously flown F with them, on that type of aircraft and to explain the controls/amenities etc, if the answer was no. I regard that as a smooth thing to do, although I am completely capabale of finding my own seat and might discretely let them know I’ve flown F with them before and know how things work.

    It is all about expectations, you are right and my expectations have been built from the experience of some really smooth cabin crew on various airlines.

    One of the challenges for western airlines is crewing numbers and the Asian/ME carriers have redundant people to offer this service, even in J sometimes. European airlines typically have less crew onboard and it sometimes shows.


    Nothing wrong with the mature lady as long as she is well groomed, friendly and doesnt get annoyed at every little thing !

    Facebook have a parody of a BA GrumpyGranny called inflightbiatch !


    I once had Lizanne Malone (of BASSA infamy) as CSD a few years ago.

    Whatever her role in the industrial action, she was one of the best cabin crew I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Absolutely top rate and ‘old school’ BA (or BOAC, if you prefer.)


    Any US airline.

    Domestic first is beyond awful


    Yeah but US domestic First is not real first, it’s just “coach” for people too wide to fit in an economy seat. Although virgin America are pretty good if you like to party and like your G&T by the pint at 10am.

    AA refit looks a big step forward but with their current offering on coast to coast domestic, anything would be improvement!


    Pickled ribs being the only main course available. CX
    Seat not working BA upright the whole way.
    Inflight entertainment broken the whole way to LA …… Last week
    No adapters available in Old First oh BA again !
    But by far the worse offence, WARM Champagne and I quote cabin crew ‘ the champagne isn’t very cold yet ‘ – my response ‘ it isn’t cold at all’
    Oh and I pay for my flights not that that really matters because someone has to pay.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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