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    A friend of mine is going out to Lagos for a business trip later this year and I am really worried about his safety. Can anyone make me feel better? Does anyone go out there regularly or know what it is like doing business in Lagos? And can anyone recommend a good hotel? I am sure his company will look after him but I want to be sure as I have travelled a lot in East Africa but not in the West. Thank you.



    Of course it’s safe, just be careful. All Nigerians are friendly and terminally hungry. Conversations will end with ‘what have you got for Me?’ to which you answer ‘Nothing today’ or you’ll have to feed the whole airport, police force, hangers on and their families, villages,communities and future children’s education. Know where you’re staying and get ‘meet and greet’. Don’t flash cash. Be patient. Remember a rich local is likely to yield a quicker ‘reward’ to a kidnapper than a white-skin. If guns are produced they will be used. Consult



    Thank you for these thoughts



    I believe Lagos is the only BA destination which provides armed guards on Crew buses.

    The Sheraton Hotel provides secure transfers.

    Hopefully the businesses your friend is visiting will provide secure transportation which is usual, especially if Oil & Gas related companies who are frequently targeted.

    Avoid hiring cars as petrol is frequently spiked and risk of getting lost is high. Do not attempt anything touristy – sightseeing etc. Get first rate medical insurance which provides rapid repatriation – avoid blood and needles.

    Life is cheap, be highly cautious – if you think Cairo traffic is bad you will be in for a treat.



    Thanks I will pass this on – his company will arrange all the hotels and transfers but he was saying he would have a look around the city rather than just be in the hotel. I don’t think that is a great idea unless he is driven around with a guide.



    Having lived in Lagos in the past, I would have to agree with the cautions mentioned here.

    The Sheraton is in Ikeja, which is near the airport, and has secure transfers. They also provide secure transport into the city center upon request.

    Living in Lagos is actually easier than visiting. You have time to get used to the city, the pace, the corruption, the fear. Visiting it all comes at you so fast, it is a blur.

    Yes, Traffic is a disaster, and the city is manic, but as already stated, Nigerians are actually extremely friendly, highly educated, but opportunistic. Show fear or discomfort, and they will take advantage of that.

    There is a massive expat community living in Lagos, the island off the coast is a fabulous respite from the madness, there are some very good restaurants, and just as you would use common sense when walking through Central Park at night, one must use common sense when in Lagos.

    Compared to some of the goings on recently in Tunis, Cairo, and Beirut, I’d say, your friend will be just fine.



    correction sorree ….. consult



    I travel to Lagos 4- 5 times a year and always treat the City with respect, that is I do not take unnecessary risks.

    The airport is chaotic and crowded. I am not involved in oil or gas but always have a driver with a Mopol, especially at night and to and from the airport.

    I normally arrive on BA and go straight into VI the traffic at this hour is normally okay.

    There are some fun place to visit in Lagos if you get a chance, try the Lagos yacht it is always good for an evening drink.

    I stay with friends, but can recommend the Moorhouse Sofitel, forget the Sheraton at Ikeja it is full of airline crew and very ordinary rooms and F&B.



    Brining the thread back closer to BT mainstream – any travellers to Nigeria remember that disconnected onward travel LOS-PHC (Port Harcourt) requires a change of airport in Lagos from MMInternational to MM2. But Airfrance ex CDG and Lufthansa ex FRA provide onward connection same aircraft w/o disembarking.

    Why BA disregards this businessclass-rich passenger flow defeats me. The BA LOS arrival is too late for same-day onward travel. Maybe VK or WW himself is watching and will reply?



    Age_of_Reason, I am not fully aware, but I do recall an issue where BA had a fight with Nigerian Aviation Authorities regarding their slots into Lagos, so it probably isn’t simply BA disregarding anything.

    Also, on the numerous flights I have taken between Lagos and Europe on BA, the vast majority of passengers were point to point UK-LOS, not many transferring to PHC.

    Of course, that could also have been due to day of week I usually travelled (Friday) where flights were more resident Expats (such as I was) and families returning.

    I have often thought PHC would be an ideal nonstop destination from London, perhaps with a service akin to that offered by AF to oil destiantions.



    d-yee …. Thanks – your evidence supports the premise. PHC-bound traffic avoids the Lagos nightstop. And being oil-biased, therfore northern-UK biased, this traffic finds better connections via CDG, DXB and FRA than LHR. Even nightstopping Lagos (which has its attractions, reportedly) AMS competes well. As discussed elsewhere on BT.

    Let’s see if IAG can recover things for OneWorld before Arik gets locked into Skyteam or StarA.

    And forget that extra runway for London, we don’t need it.



    Good to know….thank you for these insider tips….



    Send me some signed headed note paper and your bank account details and I’m sure I can answer your question……….

    Seriously though Malaria is key; use the right drugs, stay covered up, wash frequently etc.



    I’ve visited Lagos around 80 times for two weeks each time and never had a problem, as someone else wrote above Nigerians are charming, educated and always ready to help out to the best of their ability.

    Don’t worry about malaria, just use a repellent when you go out at night.

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