Is Jersey considered Europe or UK from BA standpoint?

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    I would like to know if Jersey is considered Europe or UK for BA?
    Anyone knows?


    I would assume that it is considered Europe for BA, as I recently flew with them from LGW to JER in Club, and they don’t have a seperate Club cabin for UK Domestic flights.

    Also, not many people know this but the Channel Islands are not considered within the E.U so I was able to make use of the duty free shop too (at LGW) and buy cigarettes/alcohol – which is something you can’t do when taking intra E.U flights.



    Further to the post by LHR_Fan, Jersey (and Guernsey and Isle of Man) are not UK, but have the interesting feature that you do not need a passport to fly to them from the UK or fly back to UK from them.

    On outbound flights from the UK, therefore, you show ordinary ID (eg picture driving licence will do), and when you fly back to the UK from any of the three, while you do come in to the UK airport as an international arrival, you show your boarding card at a special lane at immigration rather than your passport.


    The Channels islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Falklands & (I think) Bermuda are all crown colonies. Therefore they are not part of the UK but are instead administered by the British government on behalf of the Queen. At least that is my understanding.


    The (various) Channel Islands and Isle of Man are self governing British Crown Dependencies and are not part of the European Union (lucky them! ;)).

    The Falkland Islands are a self governing British Overseas Territory and are also not part of the European Union.

    Gibrlatar is also a self governing British Overseas Territory but it is part of the European Union but with certain opt outs over and above those excercised by the UK.


    The terms now used are British Overseas Territories and Crown dependencies.
    and the full collection of former dependencies, colonies et al can be seen here…

    amended: rushing too much-sorry.


    To really understand how all these “British” territories, the Commonwealth, and component parts of the UK, fit together – watch this clip. He gabbles a bit (I think he was trying to do it all in 5 minutes flat) but he makes it all very clear.

    Watch carefully, I will conduct a small quiz later!! LOL


    @ Rachid1974 – 13/11/2012 06:47 GMT

    From BA’s flight calculator, Jersey is emphatically 40 tier points in Club Europe and is not a domestic sector.


    Thanks everyone!
    Great answers.


    Cedric, you are not quite correct about arriving as international from Jersey. Arriving at LGW North off a BA flight you arrive as a domestic passenger and there is no imigration or showing of ID or boarding passes.

    At SOU there is a dedicated Channel Islands section which enters into the international section where you have a choice of green lane or red lane, but again no showing of ID or boarding pass.

    At LGW South, although I have not used Flybe from JER, a colleague I meet there always cones through the international door. However if travelling from the Isle of Man one arrives through the domestic section.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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