Is Chicken Jalfrezi a liquid?

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    Is Alum Crystal a liquid?

    Yes, according to a dimwit at MAN security.


    I must have seen the same dimwit at VRN security


    And we are maybe going to get the Idiot Home Secretary who put all these “persuade people they are safe when they are not” rules in place as PM. Mentioned my problems with tins of caviar previously but the whole thing is mad….I now don’t bother but leave my 1 litre sac of goodies in my case and the last 12 times it has gone through without comment….and counting !

    Wonder if some idiot in the “Security Service” will pick up on this post so I’ll have to argue that gels are not liquids….


    The liquids, aerosols, gels (and that included pastes by the way) regulations are not a UK fabrication.

    My bigger question is why would you try to get several portions of a ready meal onto a plane?


    Esselle – that’s not just several portions of ready meals, that’s several portions of M&S ready meals!

    Some years ago coming through Jesey my bag is searched, she comes across my 50ml Johnsons Baby Powder talc. She says, “next time put in liquids”(Eastern European), I say “but it’s not a liquid” she replies “I advise”.

    Next week at Gatwick I put the talc in with the liquids, then I get “excuse me sir, that’s not a liquid” I said that the lady in Jersey advised me to, to which he replied “why do this people make our jobs hard”!



    Talc is a iquid at 1500c 😉

    Then again, so are most things.


    FDOS, you beat me to it. I was going to comment that metals are all liquids if you get them hot enough.

    The idea that something is allowed through when frozen even though it may well become a liquid (or something lisquid/gel-like such as butter) during the journey as it thaws is another example, if one were needed, of how ludicrous the whole set-up is.

    Quite apart from anything else, it is entirely possible to make explosives or even guns using materials bought in airside shops. If you don’t believe me – google “Terminal Cornucopia”.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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