Is Chicken Jalfrezi a liquid?

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    Am in the middle of a nightmare day trip to London – train from Gatwick to Clapham Jct took 90 minutes this morning, no trains out to Barnes etc.etc (flooding). etc. Now arrived back at Gatwick to a 2.5 hour delay on my return flight (French ATC).

    Anyway, a light moment to ease the gloom…… Going through Premium Security (yes, it was open) and stopped to listen in to a conversation between two security operators – a passenger has 3 M & S Chicken Jalfezi ready meals in his luggage – do they count as liquid?

    “Well, they have liquid in them” – feeling said product. “Its sort of slimy, isn’t it?”

    “There’s more chicken than liquid” (probably untrue!!)

    “Yes, but if we opened it, it would sort of pour out like liquids”

    “Better check” – off to phone the boss. Alot of humming and hawing. 4 minutes later (I timed it as I VERY slowly put my shoes back on) the verdict.

    “They don’t know, it is up to us – you say no if you like because I am not doing it”.

    And so Chicken Jalfezi was officially classified as non-liquid……

    Anyone else come across similar absurdities?


    in Frankfurt last week, the lovely lady in the JAL lounge (T2) was measuring and weighing one of those freezer ice blocks to check its exact size. She knew, 1/2 mm too big and security would turn it into a major incident.

    Naturally, she also checked it was frozen.


    I bought a kilo of Cafe de Paris butter in Geneva and security would not let me through, so back I went, checked in the bag and all was fine. They told me if it was frozen it would be allowed through!


    Perhaps if the passenger had consumed all 3 ready meals onboard topped off with a few beers – the results could very well have been explosive


    I can confirm that security in CDG will confiscate Dijon mustard and Camembert as they classified them as liquids (or they were hungry)


    I have been through Orly with butter, but at Belfast city, butter was considered a liquid. Glasgow once took a bar of soap off me because it could become a liquid. The whole thing is a farce. They need to look and concentrate on other access points, and the staff, as they seem to breeze through security


    My amusing moment happened at Prestwick a few years back….on a lads trip to Benidorm.

    My mate’s brother (aged 65, portly and war shrapnel wounded with a walking stick) was in front of me. He walks through detector and it predictably becomes an opportunity to show off his scar and tell his gruesome story, ala Uncle Albert !.
    Next the x-ray guy pulls him over and requests that he empties the contents of his bag. Even though he’s been warned and advised about the 100ml rule by his brother umpteen times before the trip. But his transparent bag filled with wee bottles has passed successfully through?.

    What hasn’t escaped scrutiny is enough sun tan lotion to protect Canada’s population of polar bears. He’s also tighter than 2 coats of paint and has purchased his barrels of cream at a discounted rate.
    What followed …..Well me, almost doubled up with tears of laughter as the security officer tried and tried and tried again to explain that a lotion is in fact the same as a liquid, and price and savings and what the wife says doesn’t come into it.
    Tt’s all finally resolved, when his brother back tracked from the bar, grabbed the offending bottles and unceremoniously and with accompanying flowering language dumped them in the wheelie bin adjacent and walked back to the bar.
    No bottles, No problems and a now speechless and rebuked older brother hobbles to the bar to drown his sorrows as he grieves the loss of his cheap but substantial investment.

    Got a wee smile on my face as I recount…..


    This thread just made me laugh out loud, in a very unlady like manner!
    It also somewhat took the sting out of having my pot of coleslaw taken off me today at security – after it had been through two other UK security points before without raising an eyebrow (I’d meant to eat it, didn’t get round to…).


    Did they take all the coleslaw, or just the Mayo?


    They took the lot. There was probably a baked potato waiting somewhere in the staff canteen waiting for a little extra. 😉


    Marmite taken from me at T5 LHR, Marmite not taken from me at T3 LHR!
    Got home from Spain last week….had forgotten to take a litre bottle of water from my hand baggage at security!
    Why is an orange, full of juice, permitted?
    Funny old world.


    Good point about the orange,Openfly…….
    After the old firm riot back in the day alcohol was banned from Scottish sports grounds.
    Taking a lesson from the medical profession, it was incredibly easy to enjoy a fresh vodka and orange at Murrayfield . And they weren’t single measures : )


    T5, I had one of those small pots of marmalade you get in hotels in my bag. After screening, said item was removed from my bag and classified as liquid. I turned it upside down and nothing happened but to no avail. I was asked if I still wanted it and I said “yes please!” So, into a clear plastic bag it went and screened all on its own and returned to my cabin bag. This is theatre, not security.


    Stowage222 is quite right; theatre not security. As a test I now put a 100ml tube of toothpaste, and sometimes other things, in the pocket of my coat (removed at security, obviously, and in a tray for screening), in addition to my 1 litre bag of goodies; on my last five trips through T5, I have not been apprehended. Childish, I know, but it proves the point!

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