Is Cathay going to to announce HKG – EDI route

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  • JohnnyG

    Thought I would come back to this topic. Seems all you so called experts on how well Dublin was doing and this would make sense to add EDI, well here you go, you got that one wrong

    With regards to other cities having expensive hotels, yes of course this is true, but at least they are usually up to date, clean, modern and offer excellent service.

    To whoever posted about 20 minutes into Edinburgh, yeah right. Try getting to that goddamm awful Waverley station with luggage from the tram, just see how long it takes. Obviously thought out by someone used to living in a cave and educated on slates.

    Road networks, right lets think about this. Endure the totally unfriendly route to the car rental S***hole / village. Then the heaps on unmanned desks and then you have to then prepare to do battle with the rip off agents who feeds you streams of BS on how uninsured you are and how much you need to spend to be able to take the car away. If that doesnt work they then tell you have been upgraded to a better car for on 40 pounds . Err they forget to tell you thats per day. Then try getting anywhere above snails pace. No motorways to connect you to Northern England. A1 joke A68 joke A702 great for horse and carts M8 car park and unmanned roadworks A74 constantly being closed in the interest of public safety while they clear another accident.

    Best of all are the mugs who pay the rip off fees to collect and drop off passengers and really think the fee is to improve the airport. The best thing for that airport is a fleet of bulldozers and the will the start again based on a real airport like Taipei or Hong Kong.

    Wow, thanks for the info,,, what are the bad points???


    Morning Taiwan Traveller

    I’m just about getting the drift that your not overly fond of EDI!

    As for Dublin the route wax temporarily suspended not cancelled. The suspencion was due to the problems that we had in HK at the back end of last year. Until then the loadings were good.


    JohnnyG wrote, “Wow, thanks for the info,,, what are the bad points???” — made me laugh, thanks JohnnyG.

    My note to TaiwanTraveller – that much venom should be posted on the “Whisky” thread next time, thank you very much. (Joke. PS I do love whisky)

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    When I travelled to and from EDI I used the train (from the south, or from GLA) and it’s ideal. The one and only time I used the airport I was not impressed with the overcrowded and scruffy public areas. I did find the staff noticeably more pleasant, including security, than many other UK airports.

    Unfortunately as pointed out by another poster the city has become the victim of its own success, it is massively over-touristed, crowded, and increasingly tacky. The price of accommodation is very often disproportionate to the quality. A friend who is by no means a backpacker but was on a budget for a three Europe/UK trip paid £120 for a hotel room in an old converted terrace house that had primitive plumbing, which smelt, damp peeling walls, and only one plug socket in the room. Breakfast was £15 extra and apparently they tried to charge that for a coffee and a croissant. I mention this because it typifies the rip-off that EDI has become. Yet another place ruined by too much tourism, much of which is cheap bottom end.

    We enjoyed going to the Fringe Festival a couple of years ago but I wouldn’t do that again, specially as I have a horror of crowds.


    To Taiwan Traveller
    I award you 10/10 & an Oscar for Best Rant of 2020 . Totally Brilliant, and as I live just along the road from the bypass (A720) & the M8 (Glasgow -Edinburgh motorway) 10 minutes away from EDI I concur 😊
    Anyway I’ve forwarded your feedback to MSP Michael Matheson , our Transport Minister.
    Look forward to reading your accounts of travels to Beirut, Lagos Mogadishu , whilst obviously transiting through CDG with a MCT !

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I got my CX hopes up for nothing , that was the worst aspect of your post

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    canucklad wrote, “To Taiwan Traveller – I award you 10/10 & an Oscar for Best Rant of 2020………”

    OK, very true, and Taiwan Traveller’s posts might have been amusing or funny for a short time, but in my opinion they are are not funny or amusing any more – they are (at least) deliberately insulting and very biased. I don’t know what his/her real aims (or motivation for writing) are, but I suggest that that is enough. In my humble opinion.

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