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    Picked this up on another forum, but I think it’s an interesting topic. With the advent of iPads, Tablets etc do we still need AVOD or are we happier with our own content?

    Would it be more efficient from a maintenance / cost perspective for airlines to hand out iPads / Tablets pre-loaded with content for their pax?

    How would we feel about this?

    From my perspective I watch the map long haul and use my iPad for listening to music, reading or playing games (a sudoku or two puts me to sleep). I rarely watch movies as I prefer my big screen at home, and the constant interruptions (as necessary as they may be) annoy me and spoil the continuity.

    It would be interesting to hear other forum members views?



    I agree with the thinking. But…and there is a big BUT.

    When it fails on BA, which is very frequent, you get 10,000 BA Miles for Club travel and 20,000 for First as compensation!! On that basis I hope that AVOD continues and continues to fail, as I never use it…….apart from the map, and I can live without that.



    From what I have heard these IFE systems are very expensive, but my idea is very low cost.

    All it needs is a tablet computer built into the back of the seat, with 2 connections – power and ethernet, and none of these IFE boxes under the seat taking up legroom. These would all connect to a server to supply content, and when you wanted to watch a film or other program, the data would be sent from the server to the head unit in one burst. There would therefore be no streaming of data, so if there is a crash then the head units would not need re-booting. It would be much more reliable.

    Does anyone know why this could not be done?



    I think there is mileage in wireless IFE systems but I suspect that, for now, hard wired IFE systems and seat back TVs will remain. Handing out tablets to the entire passenger load of a 747 is simply not practical. For individual cabins (F etc) it’s a different matter.



    The point I’m trying to make is that these IFE systems are proprietary and are prone to crashing. Surely it is much cheaper to use standard items like iPads and just link them up.

    Wireless IFE systems are a non-starter due to high radiation levels.



    Hippocampus: I could not imagine the FA distributing out tablets to the entire plane (Jumbo or 380!) and worse still COLLECTING them before landing! What about valuable storage space in the cabin.

    Even tablets can malfunction at times. A nightmare for the crew!

    I would oppose to this idea IF I were a flight attendant!



    While at the BA open day on Saturday we discovered that BA are currently trialling the use of ipads on some LCY-JFK flights. Each device is preloaded with movies, games etc…

    The only disavantage i can see on this is that ipad’s and similar devices are much more fragile and open to theft and this could potentially cost airlines more in the long run in replacements.



    Interesting that the NCW IFE screens are FAR FAR better than the old style First screens.



    The only advantage is being able to see a film or listen to music that you do not have access to. I’ve seen a few films on flights that have either not been released in the cinema in the UK or I missed in the cinema and they’ve not made it to DVD/legal download yet.

    There’s also the opportunity to listen to some interesting music/radio shows that might have by-passed you.

    That said, the quality of the systems on most flights are so poor, that I find it hard to get engaged with content on the systems. Ever since I started travelling with iPad and kindle (yes I take both devices, and it’s worth it) I very rarely watch the in flight entertainment.



    No, AVOD is not still necessary. Just a USB socket to charge my own kit.



    Yes it is still necessary (not all of us have iPads/easy access to digital media of our own on all our travels) and I’m always disappointed to find European airlines with non-seat back TVs (Iberia’s A340s being a perfect example).



    I only use the moving map, give me a good book, iphone/ipad and a G&T, I’m fine then.



    Bucksnet – Point taken

    In spite of technological developments, I think AVOD is still a very important part of an airline’s offer and passenger satisfaction survey results for aircraft with the more advanced IFE systems versus old tape based systems (or none at all!) support that.



    Spot on Hippo! CX and SQ attracted a lot more passengers in every class when they introduced AVOD with good contents on every seat-back in Y class and superior large monitors in their premium section.

    Not everybody is equiped with digial devices and it is still a powerful marketing tool for thw airlines.

    Travellers on US carriers carriy the most personal degital devices for use in flight as the passengers have no expectation of anything good coming from their mational carriers.

    East Asians are some of the most demanding crowd of air travellers and expect the best and they get it!.

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