India forced to deal with airport noise problem

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  • Charles-P

    From today’s ‘Janes’

    India is prioritising moves to limit noise emissions at airports and standardise land use planning, as it prepares for an ICAO audit in November 2017. ICAO Doc 9289 (Balanced Approach to Noise Management) calls for member states to introduce noise limit guidelines and land use plans by 2018.

    The Indian National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is holding discussions on noise mapping with the Airports Authority of India and officials at Delhi International Airport. DK Aswal, NPL director, told Jane’s that a Memorandum of Association is expected soon.

    Airports to be mapped in the first phase serve large Indian cities that are strongly affected by aircraft noise: Bangalore, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Calibrated noise monitoring terminals will be used around the clock for mobile measurements as well as for fixed measurements around each airport. Each terminal comprises calibrated sound level meters, noise mapping software, a weather station, and a fully charged battery with three-day backup. While the time span required to complete the project would depend on the area and specific residential locations affected by aircraft noise, Aswal estimated that four to six months would be needed to complete a report with recommendations. Normal noise levels during the day and at night near airports should be 75 dBA Leq and 65 dBA Leq respectively, according to Aswal.

    However, effective perceived noise levels created by aircraft taking off and landing are much higher (see table below – note that sideline refers to the point from the runway centreline where the noise level after take-off is greatest).
    Aircraft type EPNL during type certification (dB)
    Take-off Sideline* Landing
    A319 80.0 94.0 94.0
    A320 85.0 94.4 96.4
    A380 95.6 94.2 98.0
    Source: CSIR-NPL


    Oh, if only Gatwick would follow suit! Slowly creeping towards a 24 hour operation with all the departures and arrivals between 2300 and 0600….11500 of them for the summer 6 months, but only 6500 at LHR. The UK government couldn’t give a damn. 34 scheduled take-offs between 0500 and 0600 alone.
    Come on India show them how to do it!

    Tom Otley

    I was surprised to hear (no pun intended) that both Stansted and Luton are 24-hour airports (this was in the context of private aviation – corporate jets).


    Hi Tom, at last there are local protest groups in the Gatwick area who have had enough of this nightly noise…one of these is CAGNE. This group is beginning to strengthen backed by local MPs, except Henry Smith who seems to be afraid of upsetting Stuart Wingate, LGW CEO and local industries. Fingers crossed that there will eventually be control and restrictions at LGW.
    One of the worst offenders is the 0230 Air Ukraine departure.


    Interesting sideline and particularly landing noise are much higher, having lived near to LHR that’s why I woke up at 4.30am since there’s little background noise at that time so jet engines in reverse are very noticeable! Foulness Is. is the only answer!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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